First Look at Crash Bandicoot Mobile by King (Information, Screenshots and more)

Update 2: According to an unnamed source, the suggested name for the game is “Crash Bandicoot: On the Run”, with some additional screenshots from Canadian Guy Eh (via his new video).

Update: The link for the survey has been taken down and now redirects to Google instead.

NOTICE: This is not the rumoured or speculated next mainline title.

After some inspection and research done in collaboration with JumpButton (you can read more information about that in the other Twitter thread on how it came to be), it has been revealed that the supposed mobile game that was being floated around as a survey ad on Facebook around the end of November and beginning of December, is indeed happening as per Activision’s announcement today regarding King’s utilization and testing of other IPs from the publisher. Also, this is like the first new mobile game in like 10 years, since the release of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 on iOS, among the other titles that might’ve not known even existed (Twitter Thread, Crash Mania). Anyways, this is a bit new so let’s try to get into the chase, shall we?

  • Yes, this is an endless runner featuring crafting mechanics like Sonic Dash, you can play as Crash, Coco and Neo Cortex
  • You can take the survey now via the link to get notified of when you will be able to get your hands on it
  • There’s no set release date yet, but that link above leads you to a mockup of the respective store page of the game (A/B Testing to get you interested in the game)
  • This game is being released to supplement console releases of Activision’s biggest IPs, as per quote from the slides:
    • “King is investing in several promising new titles, including content based on Activision’s beloved catalog IP. Regional testing of some of these titles will begin in 2020”

This article might get updated as we go through deeper into this development…

In addition, here’s the description of the game:

Everyone’s favourite marsupial, now on mobile!

Calling all Bandicoots! Crash is back, this time on mobile! Embark on a brand new adventure with your favourite characters and put a stop to Dr Neo Cortex’s evil plan to destroy the multiverse!

In this new episode, Dr Neo Cortex dispatched mutagen henchmen across the multiverse to enslave all dimensions. With the help of his spirited sister Coco, Crash must strike and bash Cortex’s minions back to their own worlds!

Get ready to umph and wump your way into madness with this new Crash game!


Everyone’s favourite bandicoot is back, this time at the swipe of your fingertips! Join the fight with Coco and Aku Aku to defeat Dr Cortex!


– Jump, slide, spin and surf on the iconic tracks of the Wumpa Island
– Collect as many Wumpas as you can
– Spin through crates for special rewards
– Avoid TNT crates otherwise… BOOM!


– Put on your running shoes and spot all the secret hideouts
– Smack down crates and get to new tracks for exclusive challenges!


– Unlock key buildings and create an arsenal of weapons
– Grow and harvest crops to produce powerful serums
– Access the Wumpa volcano to collect Blaze pods!
– Repair the Space Rocket and fly to the Space Station!


– Locate Dr Neo’s minions thanks to Coco’s machine
– Load up with your serums, bazookas and rayguns!
– Go on the run and bash the evil henchmen back to their worlds!

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