Canadian Guy Eh: Interview reveals new info! – Crash Team Rumble

I had a Off camera interview with Paul Yan and Dan Neil About Crash Team Rumble. We learned MORE about the battle pass, their mindset behind the game’s design, their thoughts overall and more! Let’s talk about it!

DestinationMarc: The Bandicast – Rumble: Episode 2 (feat. DaveAce) – Inclusion and Experimentation

Episode 2 of “The Bandicast: Rumble” is here, and joining me for this one is DaveAce! We talk about a lot of things, from Dave’s history with the series, to how the party games were handled, to the character inclusions in “CTR: Nitro-Fueled,” to his thoughts on “Crash Team Rumble,” and more! We hope you enjoy!

Crash Zone: 9Matt2 interviews Steve Bamford, one of the main artists on Crash Bash (Italian, English interview linked)

9Matt2, a colleague in the Crash fanbase who usually reports interviews and curiosities especially on Crash’s PS1 games, had the opportunity to interview Steve Bamford, one of the main artists of Crash Bash. Through this interview we will discover different curiosities and characters discarded from the final game. Happy reading.


9Matt2: Q&A With Crash Bash Artist Steve Bamford

Huge thank you to Steve for taking the time out of his day to answer all these questions!

DestinationMarc: The Bandicast – Rumble: Episode 1 (feat. Kevin Fagaragan) – Intricacies of A Bandicoot

Welcome back to The Bandicast! It’s been a while, but with the announcement of “Crash Team Rumble,” we’re back, and what better way to celebrate the podcast’s return than to bring on Kevin Fagaragan, the artist who found the “Crash 4” TV image and has repeatedly completed the game 106%? In this episode we talk about a LOT of stuff, including Kevin’s artwork in “Mind Over Mutant,” the intricate technical details in “Crash 4,” what Kevin was doing during the series’ hiatus, and much more! This is THE longest episode to date, so sit back, relax, and listen to our Crash-related shenanigans! We hope you enjoy!

[LINKED] Cartoon Brew interviews Bill Kopp with tidbits about the cancelled Amazon Crash Bandicoot Cartoon TV Show

“From 2014 till like 2021, it was just great projects at great studios that never went anywhere ever,” Kopp told Cartoon Brew. “Some were original and some I was hired on, but by the time the last one ended I didn’t know if I want to do that anymore.”

That last one was a Crash Bandicoot series for Amazon that Kopp says would have been fantastic, and he still doesn’t know exactly why it was canned.

“That was the straw that broke this old camel’s back,” he lamented. “We worked for like a year on it, a year in development right through the pandemic. It sold to Amazon, and then for some weird reason Activision just pulled out and said we’re not doing it anymore.”


Author’s note: I did not wanna have to resort to citing Cartoon Brew for this bit, however, it is important to have it reported in this instance.

Thanks for the tip, NAveryW!

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