[LINKED] Crash Bandicoot Zone (danyq94): Interview with a developer of Crash 99x (Tiger Electronics Handheld), ft. Mr. Crumb

I was contacted a few days ago by George F. (surname obscured according to his request) after he saw my video on Crash Bandicoot 99x.
He was kindly willing to answer some questions that Reddit users wanted to ask. Enjoy your reading.


[LINKED] The Daily Gazette: Vicarious Visions — Storytellers develop video games in Colonie

For the last 12 years, Oneal has been watching over an entire studio of storytellers and seeing them give that same opportunity to new generations of children and gamers. Vicarious Visions has been telling stories since its first big game in 1996, and has developed for platforms ranging from Nintendo 64 to Xbox One. And a recent move from Menands to Colonie gave the company a workspace designed with its creatives in mind.


Canadian Guy Eh: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Interview with Jason Godbout from Beenox “An Artistic Vision”

I was able to get an interview with Jason Godbout, the Artistic director for Crash Team Racing! Hope you enjoy it!

[LINKED] GamesRadar+: The making of Crash Team Racing – How Naughty Dog made a kart racing classic after getting burnt out on Crash Bandicoot (Daniel Arey Interview)

Retro Gamer sits down with legendary designer Daniel Arey to revisit the game behind Crash Team Racing: Nitro Refuelled

Arguably, the PlayStation didn’t need a mascot, but Californian-based developer Naughty Dog viewed the system’s initial lack of a digital frontman as an opportunity, and by late 1998, the company’s massively successful Crash Bandicoot character had become the PlayStation’s answer to Sonic and Mario. However, designer Daniel Arey remembers the third Crash platformer draining his team’s batteries and prompting them to seek a fresh challenge.


Canadian Guy Eh: Crash Team Racing: MORE Grand Prix Details!! – EXCLUSIVE Interview with Thomas Wilson

We got an EXCLUSIVE interview with the creative director of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, a guest who has been on the show before, Thomas Wilson!

Electric Playground Network (EPN): Crash Team Racing gets Nitro-Fueled (Thomas Wilson Interview)

The classic kart racing game Crash Team Racing is back with a new Nitro-Fueled version. We caught up with Thomas Wilson, co-studio head at developer Beenox, at E3 2019 for a closer look!