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GfK: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy #1 in the UK for the 7th week (Multiplatform)

Looks like the good news keeps coming for how Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is performing in the UK according to GfK after the major Multiplatform release for the week of August 11.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy took the #1 spot overall in the charts, individually, it stood at #4 for Xbox One, #6 for Switch and #23 for the PS4 based on units and the #7 for Xbox One, #11 for Switch and #31 for the PS4 based on value. The Xbox One release took the #1 spot and Nintendo Switch took the #3 spot. The PlayStation 4 release currently stands at #8 and the PC release is currently at #26.

So, good stuff as usual from the UK, because it means that Crash Bandicoot with the N. Sane Trilogy being out already on the PlayStation 4 a whole year ago, still got brand power to sell and get buzz around the country overall with the continued streak, especially for those skeptical like me.

Source: GfK (Chart-Track), Ukie – Via:

Jerimiahisaiah: Let’s Get Crash Bandicoot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate #CrashForSmash

Support the movement, but please don’t harass Masahiro Sakurai. Thanks!

Author’s comment: Even though I don’t think Crash could be coming to Smash, I don’t think at least making a buzz about it would hurt in the long run and I fully support having him join. After all, I’ve been seeing lots of people wanting Crash Bandicoot to join SSB Ultimate’s roster.

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I explain how we coded our Particle System on the PS2 for CRASH BANDICOOT, LEGO Star Wars, TRANSFORMERS and a bunch of our other games. Outperforming every other PS2 game out there, it’s capable of rendering over 17 million textured particles a second and moving them in the most complex ways…

[LATE] Spyro the Dragon Figure #33 announced by Totaku Collection, coming September 21

Earlier this year, it was discovered via a new list of upcoming figures that Totaku would be making a more Crash Bandicoot Totaku figures, including Spyro and a separate upcoming Trilogy Pack, all coming later this year and more.

As of Friday, however, this has been put to rest thanks to Totaku confirming the existence of the Spyro the Dragon #33 Totaku figure, coming this September 21 to coincide with the Reignited Trilogy’s release to GameStop, EB Games, GAME UK and all other associated stores.

Check out the GameStop Ireland listing and Totaku’s website when it goes up.

Trends International (Sandylion): Crash Bandicoot “Stickers by the Roll” Party Favors (eBay)

It looks like more merchandise from Trends International (Sandylion) will be rolling out to stores, as a new listing from a stickers seller on eBay has just put up a “Stickers by the Roll” Party Favors collection of 5 stickers (4 of each sticker shown on the listing’s image, plus a random fifth one) from the total set of 25 stickers roll.

Each is 2.5″ x 2.5″ on a square aspect ratio and has the more unique illustrations and renders used in GB Eye’s merchandise of posters and mugs.

Check out the Crash Bandicoot 25 Stickers collection on eBay

First found by Bitmap, thanks for the tip.