Quickies: First 4 Figures (Unplugged on March 27, 2020) Update on Dr. Neo Cortex and Crash Bandicoot Sneak Peek Tease

We’ve got some updates regarding what First 4 Figures will be doing with the Crash Bandicoot series of figures (PVC/Resin):

  • The Dr. Neo Cortex figure is almost ready for launch!
  • Alex has teased that something from the Crash Bandicoot lineup will be revealed in a sneak peek soon.
    • We do know that Alongside Dr. Neo Cortex, there are several figures/statues in development
    • These include: Jetpack Crash, and the Crash Team Racing statues

That’s all there is for now. If there’s anything that is missing or misinterpreted, let me know.

SOURCE(s): First 4 Figures Blog – First 4 Figures Facebook Group

Random Hoo Haas: February 1999 Scans of Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Jump! Daibouken are now available

There’s some good news if you would like to read some Crash Bandicoot manga on the go, Mark J. of Random Hoo Haas has just uploaded the February 1999 scans for Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Jump! Daibouken. Please note that two volumes of this manga has been already translated  into English over at Crash Mania in a 4-koma format.

Go have a look now!
Source(s)Mark J. – Random Hoo Haas

Modern Electronics (Saudi Arabia): Numskull Designs Crash Team Racing Merchandise Bundle for 299 SAR ($79 USD)

Haven’t got any merchandise yet? Well, there’s now a deal on a special bundle for Numskull Designs Merchandise/Apparel, which contains the following items:

To take advantage of this offer: Add all the merchandise listed above and choose any size you would like for the CTR Eat the Road Tee Shirt/T-Shirt, and then proceed to the cart to check if the discount has been applied as shown in the featured banner image above.

If there’s any info or link that’s inaccurate or wrong, please notify as soon as possible.

Get the following items listed above to check the other items offered in the “PlayStation Gear” bundles sale now (Link):

Source(s): PlayStation Saudi Arabia on Twitter

HTimbers: Crash Bandicoot Numskull Designs Crate Stressball Review

My review and thoughts on the Crash Bandicoot Crate Stressball by Numskull.

Crash Bandicoot: Crash’s CTR Kart Funko POP! Rides Figure with Coco’s Mini Kart Vinyl (Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled)

Crash is tearing up the track🤪🏎


HTimbers: Crash Bandicoot Edition Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch Review And Unboxing

This is my review and unboxing for the Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Crash Bandicoot Edition made by PowerA exclusively for Nintendo Switch.