Quickies: First 4 Figures Updates on Neo Cortex, Original Crash Bandicoot PVC and NST Crash Resin being considered and more…

Ay, you thought you saw the last of me? HA!

Anyways, we’ve got some updates regarding what First 4 Figures will be doing with the Crash Bandicoot series of figures (PVC/Resin):

  • Neo Cortex Resin was given a sneak peek on the Facebook Group earlier. (Picture)
  • No more Crash figures before the end of the year
  • Alex has considered doing PVC figures for both Crash Bandicoot in his “original” form and style
    • He’s asking “What do you think, guys?”
  • Resin Crash Bandicoot in the style of N. Sane Trilogy has been also considered, won’t look the same as their PVC counterpart
  • Unfortunately, Coco did not fare well in the Facebook character poll

That’s all there is.

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Source: First 4 Figures Q&A #93 Livestream (via Gamer Toy News)

Final Coverart for Crash Bandicoot Adult Coloring/Colouring Book Preorder Revealed by Barnes & Noble

Around half-way through October, it was discovered that Activision was publishing an official Adult Colo(u)ring Book for Crash Bandicoot on Amazon and other retailers, was described as a coloring book containing “detailed coloring pages with characters” in 88 pages. Today, a new coverart that’s presumably the final one to be featured in all stores selling the item has been revealed by Barnes & Noble, rather showing off the use of traced renders done for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, rather than using concept art for the original trilogy that was shown off in the Crash Bandicoot Files artbook. It’s coming November 28, 2018 (perhaps later for more retailers, depending on shipment).

You can still preorder now on Barnes & Noble for $12.95 USD

Best Buy (US): First 4 Figures Crash Bandicoot PVC Statue on sale for $39.99!

Haven’t got any merchandise yet? Well, Best Buy currently has a sale on the First 4 Figures Crash Bandicoot PVC Statue if you’re shopping in the United States. This is standard PVC statue at 9″, costs $39.99 USD right now instead of $69.99 USD.

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ORDER now FROM Best Buy for $39.99, Limited Time!

[TWEET] Alex from First 4 Figures teases Neo Cortex’s Figure on Facebook

Source: First 4 Figures Facebook Group

[LINKED] Toyark: NECA’s Crash Bandicoot Jetpack Action Figure now available (online), Retail coming November 12

NECA’s next release in the eagerly anticipated line of Crash Bandicoot action figures is a deluxe Crash with jet pack!

First seen in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, the jet pack is a vital piece of equipment on certain levels. The figure stands 5.5 inches tall and has a head sculpt unique to this release. Crash has plenty of articulation and looks like he leapt right out of the game!

The figure is based on Crash’s appearance in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, complete with a new head sculpt wearing goggles and a helmet, and the jet pack. The figure is priced at $27.99 plus shipping. The figure begins shipping to retailers on November 12th, and should hit stores by the end of the month.

NECA Store on: Amazon – eBay


GameStop: Numskull’s Crash Bandicoot Snapback Caps now available (Classic and Furry)

Haven’t got any merchandise yet? Well, GameStop has just picked up two great-looking Snapback Caps from Numskull/Rubber Road if you’re shopping in the United States. This is two Crash Bandicoot Snapback Caps, both are coloured orange and black, with one being a standard “Classic” cap and the other being a “Furry” variant, both variants cost $16.99 USD.