ShirtPUNCH: The 90s Bunch By angdzu ft. Crash Bandicoot & Spyro the Dragon

Want to collect some more nostalgia from the 90s into one shirt? Well, here’s a neat apparel shirt from ShirtPUNCH by angdzu dubbed “The 90s Bunch”. ShirtPUNCH is selling it for $10 USD. Please note that this apparel/shirt is not sanctioned by Activision, it’s fanmade and therefore you need to be cautious before proceeding.

Get it now from ShirtPUNCH: “The 90s Bunch” by angdzu

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Making it through a Crash Bandicoot inspired obstacle course is not as easy as you think!!

Quickies: Steam Controller 30% off in select countries for N. Sane Trilogy and First 4 Figures Resin Crash Bandicoot Statue Update

Well, we have some quick updates and other small news for today, let’s cut to the chase:

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The Yetee: N. Sanity Shores by Kevin Fagaragan (Available until June 3rd, Sweatyfest)

In celebration of both the upcoming releases of Spyro the Dragon’s Reignited Trilogy in November (no longer in September because of the delay) and Crash Bandicoot’s N. Sane Trilogy on Xbox One, Switch & PC and because of the summer, why not rock out with yet another Kevin shirt/tank featuring both Spyro and Crash? and the best part is that this one is part of what’s called Sweatyfest, a “collection of sweaty tank top designs that are perfect for summer” from several artists contributing. Which means these are available until June 3rd.

Please note that this is a fan shirt, not officially endorsed by Activision or its merchandisers (in case you don’t feel safe or compelled for several reasons).

Get: N. Sanity Shores by Kevin Fagaragan

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Other tidbits: More Xbox One Gameplay for N. Sane Trilogy on Mixer:

[TWEET] Shirtoid: Watercolor Bandicoot by NemiMakeit for $11.50