LevelUP DIY: Life-sized Crash Bandicoot TNT Crate

What you will need – Materials and Tools
Red paint: https://amzn.to/2UE0RHG
Yellow paint: https://amzn.to/2UD6g1V
Black paint: https://amzn.to/2TbNVYl
Wood glue: https://amzn.to/2TDfdMj
Miter saw: https://amzn.to/2HFYuAq


Nikita Maree: DIY Crash Bandicoot Crate Box crafted from pallet wood

Hello there. I am Niki and I enjoy making the occasional video. Mostly building or creating something.

This video is just a run through of what I did to make the checkpoint box from the video game Crash Bandicoot. My kids use it to store their blocks in and to jump on (obviously) XD

I used to play the Crash Bandicoot video game with my brother when we were kids. So it is really nice to be able to play again now with my own kids.

I made this from pallet wood, scrap ply and a ton of cheap chipboard screws.

The most expensive part of this build was the sample pot of yellow paint that I used for the
check point symbol and the draw handles I attached to the lid.

Bye for now.

GameBoy Kingdom: Custom Made Crash Bandicoot 2.0 Game Boy Advance (GBA) Bundle

Crash Bandicoot 2.0 GBA | Backlight Nintendo Game Boy Advance | Custom UV printing, Glass lens & Vinyl stickers | Clear Orange shell & Blue buttons | Bundle with 2 Japanese GBA games


Brightness boost with VR module from Jelly Belly Customs

Douglas Tonelli: DIY Crash Bandicoot Crate Boxes

Hey guys! Another DIY for the channel and in this step by step show how to make the boxes of the game Crash Bandicoot. Detailed and very easy tutorial.

AbrahamSmarterboy: Customizing your own controller for a Crash Bandicoot themed look (Spraying)

Crash Bandicoot Cosplaying as Ratchet (Aku Aku as Clank) By Domadraghi

Want to collect some more nostalgia into some apparel? Well, here’s a one from several shops by Domadraghi dubbed “Crash Cosplay – Ratchet“. NeatoShop, TeeRepublic and RedBubble are selling it starting at $14 USD for the shirt (original price is $20 USD). Please note that this apparel/shirt is not sanctioned by Activision, it’s fanmade and therefore you need to be cautious before proceeding.

Get it now from:
NeatoShop – TeeRepublic – RedBubble