KT wolf Animations: Stop Motion Paper feature for Crash Bandicoot

The insane marsupial dude crash in a wild 3d paper style with level’s based on future tense and eel deal. …. { BETTER WITH HEADPHONES ON }…

[EMBED] DoRobotics crafts a cool, custom-made RC Crash Team Racing Kart model (3D Printed)

Leoo Soli: Sculpting Crash Bandicoot vs Doctor Neo Cortex Diorama Timelapse

This video shows the process of sculpting #Crash vs #Neo from Crash Bandicoot, hope you all enjoy it, if you like the video consider give me a thumps up and a susbcription, believe you me, that makes a big difference, thanks you for watch. 🙂

3D Printing with Rober Rollin: Sculpting Crash Bandicoot on the Nomad App

I‘m working on a 3D printable file of Crash Bandicoot.

SZmood: Making Aku Aku Mask in Polymer clay

I show you how I created Aku Aku mask in polymer clay!
I hope my videos can be inspiring and entertaining for you 🤩

Sebastony30: Crash Bandicoot Pinball for VPX

A gameplay (test) and still a WIP , of a pinball table for visual pinball X (10.7)

Thanks for the tip, Danyq94!