Mroytheboy: Playing Crash Bandicoot using a Strategy Guide “How Naughty Dog Intended”

Beating The Original Crash Bandicoot the way Naughty Dog Intended with the original Naughty Dog Team’s Guide

Crash bandicoot is my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME so this video was super fun for me
The Original Naughty Dog Team are my favorite video game devs ever because they were so innovative while working with the original PlayStation

This Video was heavily inspired by @PaPaSea (:

Danyq94 (Crash Zone): The Official Italian Crash Bandicoot Comic (English Subs)

Crash Bandicoot has never had a dedicated comic. Or has it? Let’s go back to one of the best marketing campaigns for a game in the series, made for the Italian public!

Mr. Bones: The Cut Content of Crash Twinsanity feat. LSuperSonicQ, Scribbles to Screen & More!

Mr.Bones dives in to the deep rabbit hole of Crash Twinsanity’s cut content. And oh boy he found alot…

A Massive Special Thanks to:

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You guys are Twinsane!

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VTNVIVI: That One Dark Moment We Can’t Forget (Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time)

There’s this one dark moment we can’t forget in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Could it unravel potential new mysteries or stories for the future?

[OPINION/DISCUSSION] DestinationMarc: Crash, Spyro, and Creative Freedom

While we anticipate what’s coming up next for Crash and Spyro, I can’t help but think about how fan reception’s been for the duo’s franchises throughout most of their lifespans, and how this behavior might influence their directions in the future. Are we gonna get excited for Wumpa League and future things to come, or are we going to nitpick and overanalyze everything we see in the trailers and gameplay footage? How much creative freedom are the developers allowed to have? Let’s discuss, and I hope you enjoy!

Danyq94 (Crash Zone): Lemuria, the lost world of Crash Bandicoot – Lore Discussion (Italian, English Subtitles)

What is the story behind the Wumpa archipelago, the setting of Crash Bandicoot’s adventures? Let’s take a look at Lemuria, the legendary continent chosen by Naughty Dog for the first game!