[LINKED] USgamer: How Crash Team Racing Challenged Mario Kart and Made Naughty Dog What It Is Today

At a cursory glance, Crash Team Racing is a fun little kart racer expanding on the world of Crash Bandicoot. Look beyond the surface, though, and you’ll see an extraordinary game that pushed PlayStation beyond its limits, upset Mario Kart’s hegemony, and laid out the blueprint for Naughty Dog’s rise to the top of the video game industry.



AleMastroianni: “Why you suck at CTR” (Tricks and practice) – Getting Ready for Nitro-Fueled


In the series “CRASH RETROSPECTIVE”, we take a look at the lengthy canonical story of the Crash Bandicoot universe, and all its twists, turns, and WUMPS

In this episode, we take a look at the story of Crash Bandicoot: Warped, the third game in the series, as it’s where the real meat and potatoes of the OVERARCHING lore begins!

Caddicarus: Crash Boom Bang Review (DAY 4 – Worst Games Ever for Badvent Calendar)

Welcome to Day 4 of the Badvent Calendar, where Caddy does a quick review of the 22nd worst game he’s ever played.

Consider this a very quick Crash Boom Bang review. Welcome to the Badvent Calender – Caddy’s 2018 Christmas/Holiday special where every single day until December 25th, he’ll be counting down through the worst games ever made. At least, the worst games HE has ever played. So it goes without saying, this list series won’t be exactly the same as any other person online! But that’s what makes it fun, right? Happy Holidays, all.

Butch Hartman: How I Helped Create Crash Bandicoot

Learn how I helped design Crash Bandicoot and check out my original concept art in this video!


Pardon Our Dust’s Character Course: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot became a sensation. He’s had countless games spanning several consoles but long forgotten is character from Universal Studios and the commercials of his past.

Other news: Crash Bandicoot kicks back at #10 in the UK Weekly Charts