Canadian Guy Eh: Crash Landed – The Cancelled Crash Bandicoot Game

There was a cancelled Crash Bandicoot Game that has come forward, Crash Landed. But, what happened?

Special thanks to JumpButton for making sure I was as accurate as possible and HP Zoner for their AWESOME site Crash Mania!

The Artist Mark Flynn’s Opinion of The best Crash Bandicoot Design

Crash Bandicoot apparently just had a new game, Crash Bandicoot Worlds leaked! So this is pretty fitting timing.

Crash Bandicoot is easily one of the most requested characters on this channel, so it was a real fun process researching the character and putting this video together! I hope you enjoy it!

Music and Game Footage © Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment & Vivendi Universal

Author’s Notice: This video contains two glaring issues in terms of information: The obvious one is that Sony never owned Crash Bandicoot, despite what he says (and he did acknowledge the error in the comments), but the second one is about the 4chan post, which is fake and false, and should not be represented as a potential piece of evidence for the next new game.

JumpButtonCM: The Best of Crash Bandicoot Games by Radical Entertainment

The Radical Entertainment Crash games are really funny and you probably missed out on them because you’re a SQUARE. One of the clips gets cut off around 7 minutes in, not sure why. It’s not like that in the editor, but it just doesn’t come out in the render.

here’s the best of them all in one place!

Footage from PatStrikesBack, TubeMoji and Myles Eastman

[LINKED] CBR: From Crash Team Racing (CTR) to Nitro Fueled: Crash Bandicoot’s 20-Year Racing Career

Crash Bandicoot has been enjoying a resurgence as of late and it seems like a new entry in the main series is inevitable. However, the spin-off series has also recently received some love in the form of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. This game is mostly based on the first game but there are other Crash Bandicoot racing titles that may have been forgotten. So on the 20th anniversary of the first game CTR: Crash Team Racing, let’s go through each entry in the Crash Racing subseries. The series is more solid than you think although there is that one weird game…but we’ll get to it.


Badnik Mechanic: A Brief History of Video Game Mascot Costumes ft. Crash Bandicoot

I decided to take a look at a few of gaming’s most amazing mascot costumes and found some absolute crackers!

From Nintendo, to Sega, to Sony, everybody wants a mascot to wander around for your entertainment.

Lemmings, Sonic, Crash and even the Mario Movie Goomba!

Some amazing creations here, even the Joker helping Sega to sell consoles!

Beyond Pictures (B-Mask): Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled isn’t more of the same