Lynx Wagner: Crash Bandicoot – Wu Shang Mod – Brawlhalla (by Pepino.)


Aversatrix: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Mod – Snow No 4470 (Xebra)

It’s been a loong time.

– triple mask form track
– dark segment’s fog is thinner
– added deliberate crate rotations
– added Cold Hard Crash main 2D segment
– restored deprecated passage/link in Cold Hard Crash
– lots of lag fixes
– removed a bunch of abundant stuff
– removed Dingo segment
– added smaller rollers into side-scrolling segments
– some DDA/checks/masks stuff
– fixed gate at the end first segment

mdude: Crash Bandicoot – When Worlds Collide (and other tweets)

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COGMONKEY: Some Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled easter eggs and background stuff

I couldn’t show everything I wanted to because these clips came from just modifying the race intro cutscenes, messing with animation timing etc would require proper level editing. Also I didn’t include any hubs or arenas. So I might make another one of these at some point

Aversatrix: Crate y-rotation mayhem mod

its even random now, i could control the rotation of every one of them separately

ZEROVR: Crash Bandicoot in Mario Kart Wii (Mod)