Darkaiser: Road to Rainbow (Custom Battle Map) – Crash Team Racing PS1

Custom battle maps are now here! Made possible with most-recent research contributions by Niko, DCxDemo, Super, Branch, and more.

After reverse engineering almost all of the game, and rewriting 30% of the game, their combined knowledge of the game is now strong enough to build a functional level from scratch. The more they reverse and rewrite, the bigger the mods get.

Road to Rainbow is a fully functional multiplayer battle map that also adds a brand unique weapon selection system, to mix up gameplay strategy. This level works on both emulator and console.

Download the patch here (NTSC-U only)

This is the first of many new levels to come. A new era has begun. Leave a comment to suggest what kind of map could be built next.

Stay tuned for more.

Darkasier: Crash Team Racing – Code Rewrite Progress (30%)

The research team has now rewritten over 360 out of 1200 functions in CTR, 30% of the way to a full rewrite and a PC port, after documenting how almost 100% of the game’s functionality.

Download XDELTA here to replace 30% of CTR functions with rewritten functions. No coding experience required, WE need YOUR help, test EVERYTHING, and leave a comment if you can find any bugs in the game.
Note: Works on NTSC-U SCUS 944.26 only.

Most recent progress since the last decompile update, was done by Niko, Redhot, Super, and Faradise, the same four members of the team that did Widescreen. The two projects co-evolved, since a lot of the newest decomp progress was a prerequisite for widescreen to be built.

In this video we show off a small amount of the code, no commentary, just overview. Full source code can be found at our github repository

30% rewrite

97% documented functionality

Spread the word far and wide, on every website, on every social media, tell everyone that the PC port of CTR is on it’s way!

Stay tuned for more.

ARD: Recreating my Crash Creator level in my own Crash Creator

Aversatrix: Crash 2 W1, but every fruit and box changes Crash’s scale/speed

any more ideas?

Darkaiser: Crash Team Racing – Widescreen Mod (Preview)

16:9 widescreen for computers, new TVs, PSP, and PS Vita is now possible, and done correctly, for the first time in history. Made by Niko, Super, Redhot, and Faradise. Download coming soon.

Unlike other two-minute hacks that have flicker bugs, stretch bugs, and messy UIs, researchers worked during every hour of every day for weeks. They crunched dozens of math formulas, rewrote thousands of lines of UI code for the decompile project, and built this mod directly into the game’s source code.

Other researchers who weren’t on this project, have other projects that are yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more.

Aversatrix: Crash 2, but your size and speed are variable

Should we make a full ROM?