Milbox’s New Crash Bandicoot Levels (Dreams PS4)

The snowboarding logic is from “Adayam0” I just tweaked it a bit

Music for Coco Dessert Interior mashup by “Msdaboss7”


MrWoodenSheep makes Crash Bandicoot and Johnny Bravo in The Sims 3

MrWoodenSheep & Simina-Cindy make Crash Bandicoot and Johnny Bravo without mods or reference.

MrBLACKYT123 recreates Stormy Ascent from Crash Bandicoot in Super Mario Maker 2

Video by CrashBandiCliff

Hi guys,

This is a video of me playing a Crash Bandicoot level in Super Mario Maker 2!

Creator: MrBLACKYT123

Feel free to leave your comments below, I love discussions!

Gravitopia 64: Crash Bandicoot “Done To Death” Level in Dreams PS4

Uploaded by damien 1928

SuperUnknownPerson: Music Swap – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Bug Lite) – Sonic ’06 (Dusty Desert-The Ruins)

Extra Content Time!

Pokérus Project: Crash Bandicoot’s Main Theme (Live @ La Batuta)

Music of the video game CRASH BANDICOOT played live with the band in LA BATUTA, ÑUÑOA (Santiago, Chile).