Sara94: [Remix] N.Brio – Master of Time (Soundfont swap mix)

HUHUHU I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time!! Recently got my hands on some more midis and soundfonts to play with, so stuff like this is gonna be SO much fun!! And I just couldn’t resist to make the concept more complete with a picture and some voiceclip slicing, heheheh I just can’t get over that intro x’D

Double System: Trush Bandicoot – Level 1

It is a game created by me (Santiago Cantero). It is a “fangame” similar in style to Crash Bandicoot, but different mechanics and story. In this game the main character is “Trush”, Crash’s twin brother, and the story will consist of giving an origin to the famous character “Fake Crash”.

To make this game I took some assets from Jupi.

[EMBED] Toad Village gameplay of Crash Bandicoot (Tech Demo) on a Nokia N95


[EMBED] Tech Demo for a 3D OpenGL ES 1.1 gameplay of Crash Bandicoot on a Nokia N95

3D engine built from scratch only using Symbian C++ and OpenGl ES 1.1. Crash already jumps. If you move in the air take a turn. If you fall, land. If you run and jump it has another animation. You already have multiple boxes and a basic scenario. And the most interesting. Support for 3D animated sprites!

CNymous: Crash Bandicoot – New Fan Game Project in Dreams (PS5) – Work in Progress Beta

Thanks for the tip, CJ Ducky!

Sara94: tribal.mp4