Alex’s Stuff: I Made a Crash Bandicoot Custom Opening in Unity [Fan Made]

If I want to make a ‘Game’, it needs to have some kind of an ‘Opening’.

If you like this kind of the Opening, let me KNOOW, otherwise i wILL nOt FinD oUt iF It’S AcTuAlLy gOoD.

Even though the voice over may not be Glorious, I wanted to have it there, because I was inspired by the Crash Bandicoot Warped/Crash Team Racing Openings.

Jacqueline Nicolau: Redesigning after 4 years – Crash Bandicoot and my painting process

After 4 years without drawing Crash I decided to make a redraw of my old drawing. And that was the result, look at the process of painting him there on my channel!

ArkhamKnight_81: Crash Bandicoot Golden Wumpa Edition (WIP) (Video by svenska4gaming)

In this video we delve into a great platformer based upon the upcoming ‘Crash Bandicoot 4’ by user ‘ArkhamKnight_81. It was very impressive, featuring a large variety of levels and characters to play. Definetly worth playing for anyone was has ‘Dreams’.

Check it out!

BGM94: Speedpainting Crash Bandicoot and Coco

Diuky: ‘Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time’ – Speed Drawing

I’m just a little bit excited for the new Crash Bandicoot game… I wanted to draw them in their new styles.

Turtle Woods from Crash on the Run Mobile Game.

Art: [LINK]

Alex’s Stuff: Crash Bandicoot Game in VR – First Person [Fan Made]

I spent the last few days implementing a Virtual Reality functionality into
my Crash Bandicoot project. The overall feeling is pretty entertaining
although I’m facing tons of bugs when playing it in VR mode.

Tell me what you think about this type of game in a VR down in the comments. I would appreciate it.