Brush Rush with Guilherme Freitas (Portuguese): Tiny Tiger in a Human Form “De-anthropomorphizing”

Brush Rush with Guilherme Freitas (Portuguese): Coco Bandicoot in a Human Form “De-anthropomorphizing”

Cardboard Mayhem: How to Train your Crash Bandicoot (Animation)

Just adopted your new Crash Bandicoot Pet? Want to know to Train your Crash Bandicoot and teach it all the life lessons and skills?

We have the perfect guide for you, learn how to Raise your Crash Bandicoot, what food to feed it and safety information about Crash Bandicoot enemies and allies like AKU AKU! The floating protection mask, alongside a range of other amazing parenting tips!

Eventually you will have to let your Crash Bandicoot leave home and be wild, so enjoy your time as a parent and make sure to raise your bandicoot correctly!

Crash Bandicoots are not a toy for Christmas and should be only adopted if you are prepared to look after one and devote your time and attention to them!!!

[PLAYLIST] Izzy Conds: Super Nitro Racing Fan Game, a crossover kart racing game based on Super Mario Kart with a bit of Crash Team Racing taste

Coming soon …. possibly in the next update!

The Demo is now available, there may be some bugs, but I don’t think it’s anything so serious, there is still missing the multiplayer and Crash tracks, which are ready, but not yet available in this demo.


Loaten: Crash Bandicoot Warp Zone (Fan Game)

Alright so this is just another small side project I’m working on. Completely separate from Nitro Island. This game is also going to go for a much smaller scale. I’m intending to make it 5 levels and 1 boss. Similar to the likes of Crash Bandicoot Flash and Crash Bandicoot Underwater.

As you can tell. I’m making this fan game with the source code from the Nitro Island prototype. I figure it could still be some good use. I did finish up some codes that I never did finish like body slam among others. This is still really early in development so there isn’t much to show as of right now. I’m hoping to release this either by the end of this year or early next year.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

[PLAYLIST] airumu: Crash Bandicoot “2: Cortex Strikes Back” and “3: Warped” – Prehistoric and Snow Death Route 8-bit Remix

Just for fun