[REFEATURE] Orioto Animated Wallpaper – Crash Bandicoot (N. Sanity Island)

Animated wallpaper done with Wallpaper Engine

It’s a reward for my $5 Patrons. Available up to 1600p native resolution.


Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: First Impressions – JB tries the Gem Route – Behind the Scenes

Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: Island Adventure

Crash faces several challenges over the course of one long night on an island in the middle of the sea!

Robokai: Crash Team Racing – Crash Cove (Remix)

It’s still blazing hot here in Miami, so I’ve been inspired to cover Josh Mancell’s Crash Cove from Crash Team Racing – check it out 🏖️🌴

Loaten: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Island (Fan Game) – The Timer Crate

This is a non-profit fan made video game. Crash Bandicoot and all related characters are property of Activision. Please support the official franchize.

So in this video I show I off a new work-in-progress level which is a bridge type level like the ones from Crash 1. But the main part of the video is the puzzle with the timer crate. The timer crate works just like an exclamation box except this one has a red theme along with the invisible crates. When activated the crates will be activated for a certain amount of time, once the timer runs out, it reverts back into red out-lines. The timer crate can be destroyed if the activated crate is destroyed. But since I only show off the iron crates, you don’t really see that.

Let me know your thoughts!

Charles Zembillas: Back on Track (New Crash Bandicoot Illustration)

Hello there good people!! It was a daunting challenge but the move of my school to a new location in Burbank has finally been accomplished I’m happy to say. Yes indeed! You may recall from a recent post this is what I was immersed in. I do not look forward to ever doing this again but thankfully it’s behind me now and everything from the p;d location that I intended to keep is at the new one now as of last week.

So in a celebration of sorts I thought I’d whip up a drawing of Crash from a class session the other night. I found a sketch of this pose from before and didn’t like it so I redrew the composition and it’s better.

So we’re back on track! Still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do but I can tell from my short time at the new place this is a much better place to operate from then before.

Have a happy month of March friends and I’ll be back soon with more!

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