P_A_C_K_A_G_E: Crash Bandicoot Completed Level Demo in Dreams PS4

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Welcome back to another video of Dreams on the PlayStation 4 where today we play a couple really cool games of the legendary Crash BAndicoot levels and designs in Dreams. These are creations in the game engine and is true art and memes. Please Enjoy


Charles Zembillas: Fan letter from an art club (New Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon Illustrations)

Hello folks how are you doing? Yes I’m still here! Been extremely busy as that’s pretty much the way things are as of late. No complaints as it’s all positive and I have been creatively active. Yet I’m afraid that the overall activity is hampering my ability to stay on top of things communication wise.

That said let’s get on to some fun!

This past January while embarking upon the task of moving my school to a new location I received a very nice letter from a group of students in an art club in Richmond Virginia. Here’s the letter and the context of what they wrote…

“We are an art club of students from 2 schools covering your work and respect you greatly. We have tried to collect all you have done and admire you most for your versatility and imagination.

Could you autograph this card for inspiration and others to come? Thanks for teaching us what others have not.”

Included was a stamped self addressed envelop with two 5 inch by 3 inch (12.7 x 7.7 centimeters) tabs of paper. So instead of just mailing back my autograph I decided to send a couple of little sketches of Crash and Spyro.

I hope this got to the art club while school is still in session. Thank you guys for your great letter and also for your patience with my reply. Cheers!

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Stavbeka: “Crate Bashin'” Round 4 in Dreams PS4 – Extra Extra!: Death Defying

Update: Added Skull Board & Bonus Board (both Ice variants). They work as intended, however I will tweak the Bonus Board to go black when time trial is active. As shown, the player needs to die after the first checkpoint to get the Skull Platform to disappear. The player is a bit wonky on the platform, but that’ll change. Other than that, I’ve added more crates & collectables.

Gimli Son of Gloin: Your drunk pal sent these two videos to us consecutively at 5am and 5:01am (My drunk friend sent this to me at)

Crash Bandicoot sfx with all original voice acting via Guinness.
Voice and sound effects all done in one sitting, no editing.

I’m back with Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped! (Toad Village and more)

Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: DANNY PLAYS Comments SkullRound 2

Danny gets to play Crystal’s Wrath for the first time!

Watch them also play Nitro Island

Stavbeka: “Crate Bashin'” Round 3 in Dreams PS4

more crates. finalised the designs of the crates to make it look like the ones from N.Sane Trilogy (however the Detonation Crate/Nitro Switch is based off tWoC). Also, Nitro Crates and Detonation Crates have been made, and I believe I’ve recently added the Warp Probe (colour of light can be changed easily through tweaks in its microchip, planning on doing this with every world hub.). More to come (hopefully no copyright strike).