[LINKED] Pookloo: Wumpa Time Tracker (wumpa.app) for Android, iOS, macOS, and web

Do you find racing online frustrating?

Do you long for a no-items mode?

Do you wish there were more people in your corner of the world to play with?

I can’t help you with any of that, but I did make a Progressive Web App to track how much Wumpa Time you have remaining, so you’ll know exactly when you can exclaim “Wuhahahaha! Free… at last!”.

READ THE THREAD (r/CrashBandicootr/CrashTeamRacing) – WUMPA.APP

MightyEight Music: Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back – Diggin’ It (Spyro Soundfont)

This is a freaking reupload because im stupid and didnt render properly on top of being stupid because I made this a YEAR ago on LIVESTREAM and forgot to upload the finished product. So this isnt anything new to me ive listened to this 1000 times. So if youd like more insight on the production of this piece go watch the livestream you nerd.


The only sequel in the world that matters.

nonunknown: Crash Bandicoot Worlds Level Editor Fan Game – Aku Aku Invincibility Test

Thumbnail artwork by BenHickling


Izzy Conds: VS. N. Brio Challenger Mode Test (Download Update 20/01/2020) in Super Nitro Racing Fan Game


Char= Lord Fredrik; Midbus ; Banjo
Skin= Toad; Shy Guy; Midbus; Fake Crash; Baby T, N.Cortex
Cars= Probulo 2000; Gnasty Rider
Items= Magic’s Kamek; Ice Flower; Shroob Mushroom; Gold FireFlower(update)

Time Trial;
Challenger Mode;
Survivor Mode;
Relic Mode(only available from the first 4 tracks, turn more in the future!)

(all of the modes listed here are in beta, so it can be very unstable!)


Kevin Fagaragan (Kimmotman): Keep Your Hands Off My Crystals

Keep Your Hands Off Eizoken x Crash Bandicoot
#eizouken_anime #映像研