LeopoldTheBrave: Skin Ideas – CNK Characters (Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled)

Now we finally get on to the characters who made their racing debut in Crash Nitro Kart! Yes, even including Geary who actually managed to get a new skin in the recent update! Good for him!

ZEECRAZYGEE – Crash Bandicoot Cancelled #2: TT Games Nitro Kart & Crash Clash Racing

The Crash Bandicoot Cancelled series continues with Travellers Tales initial concepts for 2 Crash Racing games, both of which met a very similar fate, keep watching to find out more!

All Information is from CrashMania.Net

[SUBJECTIVE LIST] The Completionist: Top 10 BEST Video Game Remakes

Sometimes when you replay a game due to nostalgia it hasn’t aged well. This is where remakes come in. Not HD remasters. We’re talking about building upon the foundation of the parent game and not only improving the graphics, but the gameplay and other factors as well. But not all remakes are created equal, that’s why I have my list of my Top 10 BEST video game remakes. This is my personal opinion on all the remakes that are currently out.

Author’s Comment: Don’t get upset at me or keep arguing about how The Completionist is wrong about including some of the remakes in here. This is purely his own subjective list.

[TWEET] Crash Bandicoot replies to Red Bull Gaming with a thinking emoji “🤔”, does this mean another collab? (Or is this farfetched?)

MisterBo: Top 10 Characters Still Missing that Need to Be Added to the Game! (Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled)

A lot of characters are in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, 56 in fact however I think a lot of popular characters that people really want in the game are still missing…


[DISCUSSION/OPINION] What Should A Crash Bash Style Party Game Look like? (Crash Bandicoot!)

Crash Bash is a game that massively divides the Crash Bandicoot fan base, but what should a brand new Crash Bandicoot party game look like?