Today is the 15th anniversary of Crash Nitro Kart! (North America’s Release)

Today, according to the Eastern Standard Timezone, is the anniversary for a follow-up game that ushered Crash’s foray into the kart arena and racing genre, Crash Team Racing, this one being developed by Vicarious Visions, it received some mixed to positive reviews over its lack of new and interesting things and the kart handling/jumping and speed seemingly slower, although praised for emulating the Naughty Dog style quite well and adding some new stuff such as anti-gravity racing.

The game in North America has now reached its 15th anniversary, which was released on Tuesday, November 11, 2001, has a MetaCritic score of 69 on the PlayStation 2, 70 on the Original Xbox, 66 on the GameCube, and 77 on the Gameboy Advance.


[POLL] Would you be all for yet another patch for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy?

Yes, N. Sane just got a patch 3 months ago but this isn’t enough as some critical issues still remain in all ports, like collision hitboxes on objects, character model pillbox on rounded hitboxes, jumping from being unified to being way more strictly optimized for each game, control handling and sensitivity in standard and non-standard levels (motorcycle and jetski levels, mother of god, why?!), lighting and environment inconsistencies and possible performance issues, not to mention the lack of Leaderboards on the Switch.

This post is not to indicate at all that this is going to happen from a publisher like Activision but, if it did happen again, would you be all for it, provided the jumping, handling and hitboxes are at least fixed?

Today is the 18th anniversary of Crash Bash! (North America’s Release)

Today, according to the Eastern Standard Timezone, is the anniversary for Crash’s first party game after the departure of Naughty Dog, developed by Eurocom and Cerny Games, it received some mixed reviews but is well-regarded with some fans as its fun but also difficult and challenging for completion.

The game in North America has now reached its 18th anniversary, which was released on Monday, November 6, 2000, has a MetaCritic score of 68 on the PlayStation.

AGDQ 2019: “Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back” (NST PC) 100% Speedrun by Blunts Moses (01:45:00) on January 7

It looks like Blunts Moses’s Cortex Strikes Back attempt has been confirmed to be in the list of Monday’s January 7th, 2019 runs,  which is the Crash game being sped run for the for the upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, happening from January 6-13 at Rockville, MD. This run is the 100% speedrun Crash 2 (NST PC – 01:45:00).

Check out the rest of the schedule at Games Done Quick

GameHut (Jon Burton): Some Crash Twinsanity Prototype Livestreaming later today for Extra Life (3PM EST)


I’ll be playing Sonic 3D Director’s Cut & the earliest LEGO Star Wars prototype in existence (I believe) in aid of the Extra Life charity. Plus, maybe some Crash Twinsanity Prototype…

Please donate with the link above – it’s for an amazing cause

[LATE] Today is the 20th anniversary of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PS1)

Today, according to the Eastern Standard Timezone, is the anniversary for the 3rd game in the trilogy expanded Crash’s formula and gameplay even further in a sequel that’s also highly beloved by fans, contested and debated against Cortex Strikes Back as the best game in the series, adding new levels, themes, Uka Uka and more. Another game made by the folks at Naughty Dog and was also highly successful as well, it received great reviews for its time, being praised for its sharp visuals and variety.

The game in North America has now reached its 20th anniversary (including reviews released later), which was released on Monday, October 31, 1997, has a Metacritic score of 91 on the PlayStation and a GameRankings score of 89 on the PlayStation.