Funhaus: Crash Dummies Challenge in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Special thanks to the monster who produced this gameplay for giving Jon Smith one more reason to litter my desktop with pictures of bifurcated marsupial penises.


Ultimate PS Gamer makes Crash Bandicoot go “Oop” again and again (Repeating sound effect)

Become invincible, run to two rolling stones and keep getting hit by them, you’ll hear Crash’s oop sound effect repeat quickly for funny results.

Want to watch him play Crash games? Go to this link to see more!

HQ Upload of Crash Bandicoot’s Pizza Hut Demo Disc Commercial (1998) by Rewind Me

Crash Bandicoot gets pulled over by the cops

HQ Upload of Crash Bandicoot’s Pizza Hut Commercial (1998) by Dino Drac

I’ve noticed a lean on absurdist irreverence in my collection of late ‘90s TV commercials. While it often just seems like brands being “random” for the sake of it, sometimes they hit upon something so brilliant — like a guy in a Crash Bandicoot costume yelling about how to eat stuffed crust pizza — that I just sit back and mentally applaud.

This Pizza Hut ad speaks for itself, but I do have some questions:

1) Pay close attention to the dad in this commercial. Was that Paul Giamatti?!

2) Do people really eat stuffed crust pizza backwards? It was a memorable pitch for marketing purposes, but in practice, that sounds weird.

3) Is stuffed crust even still a thing? I know it is, technically, but do people still choose it by default? To be honest, I was never a huge fan. The cheese never feels enough like “pizza cheese,” and biting into stuffed crust feels like I’m popping alien zits. If you’re on Team Stuffed Crust, sell me on it.


Canadian Guy Eh hopes there is no Microtransactions in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

The title says it all. If CTR has micro transactions, I Riot.

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