Lockstin & Gnoggin: If Crash Bandicoot was in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

What if Crash Bandicoot was added to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as a DLC Fighter? What would his moves be? How would he feel to play? Let’s talk about our ideas!

Author’s note: Can we stop using that god-awful model?


[TWEET] Retro World Series Tournaments ft. Crash Team Racing will be at Momocon 2019!

[POLL] Should Beenox recap the FPS to 60 instead of 30? (Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled)

So, the first set of gameplay footage is now out with the press and personalities having it played over the weekend for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, the first thing some people have noted and been agitated about was the fact that the game is 30FPS instead of 60FPS like with most modern arcade racers. In this poll and technically as indirect feedback to Beenox who are working currently on the game, the question is this: Should Beenox recap the FPS to 60 instead of 30?

Johnny Cooper 64: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Analysis on the New Gameplay

VTNVIVI: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Analysis and Thoughts on the New Gameplay

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled recently got some new footage! Three tracks have been showcased: Polar Pass, Dingo Canyon & Crash Cove. Let’s have a look and analyse a bit!

Verses: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (N. Sane Trilogy) – “Bite Your Tongue!”

Welcome to Episode 2 of Crash 2 Versus! This time we’re taking on world 2, as the difficulty begins to ramp up how do we see that effecting Josh’s and Tyler’s playstyles. Josh usually rushes and loses a lot of lives quickly, Tyler is a little more methodical, but he can be oblivious at times. How do our players handle world 2?