New Crash Bandicoot Apparel Merchandise ft. Jinx coming April/May 2019 (Including Crash Team Racing Goodies, via Raru)

It looks like summer is just about to get even more exciting than ever for the upcoming release of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, because it has been revealed via a South African retailer named “Raru” that we’re getting 6 different apparel items, 4 shirts and 2 hoodies (including one from Jinx, targeting kids). As stated in the title, these will be coming between April – May 2019 (specifically, April 12, 26, and May 17) and come in different sizes.

The first one is from Jinx, dubbed “Youth Hoodie” and maybe also the “Aku Aku Crash Youth Tee“, joins a new clothes merchandising company that joins the list of many with Activision to create and sell Crash Bandicoot merchandise and apparel in select regions around the globe, their own hoodie/jacket and tee shirt/t-shirt uses the standard affair of render(s) and asset(s) that we’ve seen before in a good deal of merchandise, what is interesting is that we haven’t been seeing that many items specifically aimed at the demographic of kids, from X-Small (7-8 years), Small (9-10 years), Medium (11-12 years) and finally, Large (13-14 years) respectively.

My own personal gut tells me that this will make it into the North American retailers that usually sells J!NX apparel and it might be at Walmart, GameStop/EB Games, Hot Topic, Spencers, BoxLunch, Urban Outfitters and H&M. It is probably a wild guess but it is possible that this is the case. It will arrive according to the retailer on April 12, 2019 for the hoodie and April 26, 2019 for the tee shirt.

The other set of apparel haven’t been identified from which clothes merchandising company, but they feature new illustrations and assets, namely the “N. Sanity Beach Hoodie“, “Octane Tee“, and “Navy Tee” ones (Except for “High Four Tee).

N. Sanity Beach Hoodie” features some nice new illustrations alluding to the collectibles like the Wumpa Fruit and abilities in Crash Team Racing, like the Bowling Bombs, Breakers, etc. “Octane Tee” features an all-new illustration of Crash Bandicoot doing the double thumbs up pose with Nitro exhausts firing behind his back and a checkered flag with a scroll reading “Crash Bandicoot, est. 1996”.

And finally, “Navy Tee” features a trace of the original Crash Bandicoot crazy face head with the Lithograph font used just like in the original Warped and Spyro the Dragon game(s), the text reads as the following “Crash Bandicoot, Wumpa Islands, 1996”. These will be all coming on May 17, 2019.

You can have a look at each of these individually below for a more in-depth analysis.

Have a look now at Raru:
Youth HoodieAku Aku Crash Youth TeeHigh Four TeeN. Sanity Beach HoodieOctane TeeNavy Tee

TruffleShuffle (United Kingdom): Men’s Black Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku Mask T-Shirt

Itching for some new apparel? Well, there’s some available now at this retailer. This is a single Crash Bandicoot Men’s Black Aku Aku Mask T-Shirt item and comes in Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL) and Double Extra Large (XXL) sizes.

Channelling the exotic feel of the Wumpa islands, this superb Crash Bandicoot t-shirt is one for the fans! Guiding Crash, Coco and pals in defeating evil, the mask Aku Aku is forever present in the awesome platform game, a real icon, deserving of a starring role on this wicked tee.

Order now at TruffleShuffle for £16.99 GBP

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[REDDIT] New Crash Bandicoot Pyjamas (T-shirt and Pants) found at Primark (UK)

It looks like Primark in the UK has just released new Pyjamas for Crash Bandicoot, this t-shirt Pyjamas is in gray and features the standard Crash Bandicoot scream render with Aku Aku on the left and a crate on the right, with “Spin Jump Wump” written on top and the logo on the bottom. The pants are in black with laces on.

Source: NintenHyperTwister (Reddit)

Primark now has Crash Bandicoot themed underwears (Briefs, 2 Pack Hipsters) & BoxLunch Pins

Thanks to a Reddit post by Joseph_Holmes on r/CrashBandicoot, we now know what Primark has released in terms of the latest licensed apparel for Crash Bandicoot. The duo pack features two colours and two different patterns, the cyan undie features the iconic Crash tongue face and a screaming Crash pose, while the black undie features wumpas, crates and a bunch of Aku Aku faces floating all over.

You can check out the original post and also an image gallery (comment).

Also, here’s a small news tip from Bitmap regarding a new item that just arrived at BoxLunch but not listed online: Green Crash Bandicoot Round Pin. It uses the same Thumbs Up render as the Black Crash Bandicoot Coffee Mug by Surreal Entertainment. (EB Games Canada product page link)