Binge Watch: Beating Beenox’s Developer Time Trials (Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled) from select YouTube channels ft. WumpaLewis, iTheDashy and more!

Based on feedback, I will be trying out some new things in order to decrease the amount of flooding and this type of post will be one of them. Binge Watch is a new kind of post that will collect select YouTube channels based on a major reveal event and curate them into a playlist, in which you can select your preferred channel and watch if you prefer to inform yourself that way.

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K-9yne: Losing Podium Animations (All Characters) in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

It’s called “Survival of The Fastest” for a reason.
This is all the losing animations for all the racers in CTR: Nitro Fueled.

Update: I added Iron Checkpoint Crate so now this video “truly” has all the characters losing animations in this game. Unless….Beenox adds more racers in the future.

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ChristianBMonkey: Unlocked the Literal God of Crash Team Racing (Nitro-Fueled)

Mr. Crash: Crash Team Racing (Aug 5, 1999 Prototype) – Exploring Menus

Here’s a little sneak peek of an upcoming prototype build of Crash Team Racing. We’re still figuring out how to crack the game to access the levels properly, so please be patient. It will be released when it’s done.

The build date is August 4th, 1999, a month and a half before the final NTSC build. As you can see, there is a lot of unfinished features, but that’s just the menu, so stay tuned for more.
A full documentation of the differences will be available at The Cutting Room Floor article, and a download link will be posted on Hidden Palace website. At the time, both pages are being worked on.

A HUGE thanks to Almarkowbender, Gdias/Darkaiser (me), Gh0stBlade, Let-over-lambda, Mementomori/Madmarsrocks, Niko, and Psx-collector for making this release possible.

Noticeable Differences:

  • The intro screens use static images (same as demo versions).
  • The background flag is darker and moves diagonally.
  • No sound effects in the menu (except for the name entry screen).
  • No transition between menus.
  • No 3D Character Select screen for Adventure mode.
  • No cup mode.
  • Early character icons.
  • No 3D characters.
  • The characters have basic name writing (e.g. Crash instead of Crash Bandicoot).
  • No full track showcase, it uses a static image instead (some of these previews came from early versions of the tracks).
  • Sewer Speedway is called Down the Drain.
  • Slide Coliseum is an unlockable track.
  • Parking Lot is called Garden Gambit.
  • Lab Basement is called Maze Malaise.
  • Parking Lot, Lab Basement, and The North Bowl are already unlocked.
  • Skull Rock isn’t accessible (maybe it’s unlockable?).
  • The default records on High Score menu is 3:00:00.
  • Only the eight starter characters have default records.
  • Slide Coliseum and Turbo Track records are available even if locked.
  • Going up or down will switch between “Standard mode” (Time Trial) and “Relic Race”.

Mr. Crash: Crash Twinsanity (Beta Demo) – Early Aku Aku Invincibility

Yeah, he just blinks.

Mr. Crash: Crash Bash Beta Demo (July 26, 2000) – Kanga Rilla Gameplay

Gameplay showcasing a very old demo build of Crash Bash, when Rilla Roo was still called by his early name, “Kanga Rilla”. A character modifier was used to change the characters, as you can’t choose them in the demo.