Mandude’s Crash Bandicoot 2 Mod Teaser (V2)

Oh my god, this looks super hard… and super cool as well ;)

[Randomness] Crash Bandicoot Cosplay Dancing (Video by Fergus)

Metal Cover of Sewer Levels (Crash 2) by Whiplashed

More of Crash Bandicoot HD Hang Eight Remake [Video]

Kshaway: WARWICK Montage, Featuring Crash

I am not really into MOBAs, but if you are, you might of watched this montage, I said, might, if you didn’t, then enjoy watching it :)


Click on this image to see the whole thing


[LINK] Dorkly: 15 Reasons Why Crash Bandicoot Still Makes You Smile


Jokes aside, See their full list at their post :)

(Crash did technically have a shorts series of cartoons, it was those CGI ones in 2007 with the release of Crash of The Titans)