ReplayTheMaster: Crash Twinsanity

[Late] Crumimalmo’s remix of Crash Twinsanity’s Bandicoot Pursuit

Poll: How excited are you for Crash in #E32016?


We saw it, we got semi-concrete proof, and we are ready!

Cast your vote or comment about your hype levels for Crash, you can also comment if its going to happen or not, the choice is yours!

Crash proven (again) popular in the Middle East

It translates to:

“Poster: Wanted (Crash Bandicoot from MOM)”

“Most wanted person… Where are you, Crash?”

No worries, we already got the definitive hint, this one is nothing though

BetaM: Best feature about COTT Wii + Crash Bash netplay

News: has been updated (not working though)


This is yet another maintenance update, though we are in check about the trollish hint we got from Shawn about a possible announcement at E3 (Activision/Sony) as speculated (and hinted by BruceLeeRoy).


Good Blood’s CREATORS // Josh Mancell & Crash Bandicoot Music

(If you saw the previous text that used to be here, it was a typo)