Limited Edition Collectors CD for Crash Bandicoot Dmag Bonus by The Pawn Shop Hero/TheStickKid

Crash Mania: The story behind removing Tawna

As a character, Crash is known for being an unlikely hero who stops Dr. Cortex’s evil plots time and time again. Though saving the world is all the motivation he needs, things were quite different during his first adventure, which was fueled mostly by the “get the girl” cliché….

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(As Promised) 9Matt2 Unboxes the Crash Bandicoot Launch Kit

VHS Video (Posted by Dave Siller)

Bring Back Bandicoot: Find our favorite bandicoot a new home on modern consoles!


Tweet and message your favorite Crash Bandicoot voice actors and mention how much you’d love them to be part of Crash’s return!

Use #‎BringBackCrash‬‪#‎CrashBandicoot20th‬, and #BuildingTheList on Facebook and if on Twitter, tag @amboyes @giocorsi and @activision as well!

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“Crash Bandicoot” Fan Film Kickstarter by DestinationMarc

It sounds like the dude has some good intentions behind this project, buuuut the big problem is that you cannot legally make a kickstarter for Crash Bandicoot without permission from Activision, which could jeopardize this whole thing…

The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy (3 Games) Learning To Love PlayStation by MykonosFan

If you have 15 mins to waste, you can see this video done by MykonosFan, it is great if you don’t wanna know about the brief review of 3 Crash games on the Playstation :p

The same video can be also found in his other channel… (Down below)

Europeans, Celebrate PlayStation’s 20th anniversary with a special cake for Crash!