[EMBED] Arby’s finally giving Crash Bandicoot some love (#PSX16 Reveal)

cyxytlvxcaay7ujArby’s Social Media team is currently infamous for quickly whipping out something for the fanbases of things that we love or stick with, especially for Video Games, at Crashy News, I retweeted it the moment it got revealed with N. Sane Trilogy reveal trailer and it got a lot of people happy. If you would like to see it in it’s full glory, check below this post captioned “So glad he crashed the party.

[TRULY GRATIFYING] Google Trends: Crash Bandicoot at it’s highest peak!


Well, if you thought things couldn’t get any better for the bandicoot, you will be happy to know that even Google Trends in search results/times Crash Bandicoot has been searched for is currently at all high-time peak for the first time ever, higher than any other peaks since 2004 (recorded by Google). Have a look at it on Google Trends.

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Local celebrity, Ross Flanengren, gives a tour of Vicarious Visions’ studio.

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[POLLS] What other platforms would you want to see Crash Bandicoot on?


So, we have seen Crash Bandicoot move into multiple new gaming platforms and other ways of playing video games before, although he hasn’t landed on VR officially ever (Aside from someone’s half-baked attempt with Crash of the Titans), this could include what console or handheld Crash could land on, it is rather the type of device Crash would land on, so for this poll, I have decided to take the plunge about what platform Crash Bandicoot should or have a try at in the future (Cue VR people):

[RANDOM] Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D featured in iPhone Ads + Gallery

So, you have been wondering: Why does nobody talk about how Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D (As in Crash Bandicoot on iOS as of 2008, we know it’s sequel was better but got released dead on arrival in 2010) was actually on iOS (iPhone 3G)? Well, for some good and unfair reasons: it was not a platformer (it was positively reviewed when it came into the App Store at $10 USD) and it was released around the same time as Crash Mind Over Mutant. Anyways, here are the timestamps for everytime you CBNK 3D appears:

See what I did there? Anyways, here’s the gallery if you don’t want to bother watching

[VIDEOS] Square Eye Jak and Jerimiahisaiah: Response to Dislikes & Note to fans

I felt like I should make this video to give my updated opinions on the Crash Bandicoot HD Remake, as well as reply to some of the feedback I received on my previous video regarding the initial trailer.

Thanks for watching the video! Be sure to leave a comment, like and don’t forget to subscribe and share the video! It really helps me out and I really appreciate it!

Fans; don’t kill Crash like you possibly did years ago or DON’T be the reason Crash dies, at all.

Take this as you will and thank you for watching.