Crash Bandicoot 3 – Warped

Our spin through the Crash series continues with Naughty Dog’s final platforming adventure for the Bandicoot. This adds a lot to the series formula with Crash having more rides to use and the level themes having more variety. Crash 3 is one of the strongest PlayStation 1 games out there, so lets take a look into why this Warp is one you should revisit.

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Crash Bandicoot 2 – Cortex Strikes Back

5689-2Crash 2 continues our run through the series history and this one came out only a year after the original came out. With such a short development period, the game must of suffered, right?

Nope, it ended up being on of the strongest games in the series and lets see how it compares to the original PS1 classic.

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[Suspicious] Playstation China posts an “official” history post about Crash Bandicoot

Picture Credit: Japan Times

Note: If you want to read the chinese article directly, click here.

UPDATE: Article has been updated to reflect that Crash Bash is also mention briefly in the PS China post, Thanks Numbuh1234 from TVtropes

Also, the last part of the article contains a big spoiler from Uncharted 4.

Every time I go out somewhere to enjoy the weather with friends/family, and do something interesting for once, something about Crash starts hitting the internet, literally (most of the time).

You’re wondering: “Why didn’t you report on this earlier from the site, why on the Twitter account?” Well, that’s because it would be painful to write articles on the touchscreen of a 5.5 inch smartphone, really inconvenient for such news.

Anyways, before I provide you with a “Google” translated version of the article on this article, I would like to address that their official article skips post-PSX era but does mention one thing: A spoiler in Uncharted 4*, which in my opinion, is a tad strange and suspicious when other division of Playstation globally has ever done things such as tweets, throwbacks, cameos, Shawn wearing a goddamn Crash T-shirt, you name it.. but never did we have a Playstation division do an official Crash Bandicoot history article years after Naughty Dog done making Crash games after CTR (Part of a 4-games deal with Universal Interactive) with Universal handing it to Cerny Games and Eurocom for one PS1 game, “Crash Bash” before TT picks it afterwards.

Thanks to ZhugeEX for tipping us about the articlePat for asking him for the link..

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[QUICKIE] Random Tweets: Fandom Creations (2/2)

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[QUICKIE] Random Tweets: Fandom Creations (1/2)

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[QUICKIE] Random Tweets: Funny Ones

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[QUICKIE] Random Tweets: Random Ones

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