Darkaiser: Crash Team Racing – Mirror Mode V2

A new version of Mirror Mode is now available. This release has fixed graphics, and works in all retail versions of the game (USA, PAL, JPN).

In folder Modules\MirrorModeV2

Stay tuned for more.

This week on Xbox: Lego Racing Game Revealed, Crash Team Rumble & More Coming Soon

This week we race some bricks, get ready to rumble and fight for our kingdom. Let’s jump in.

One Phantom Quartet: Tank in a Tank/Desert Fox (Crash Bash/Crash Bandicoot Carnival) Musical Instruments Cover

One Phantom Quartet performs game music arranged for violin, viola, and cello string quartet.
Our repertoire ranges from famous to nostalgic pieces.

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Been playing a lot of 3D indie platformers as of late, so let’s take a solid look at a bunch of them! From long awaited throwbacks like Clive ‘N Wrench, to Analgesic’s new masterpiece Sephonie!

Social Media Post: Nefarious Tropy (Character Card reveals for Crash Team Rumble)

N. Tropy has arrived. #CrashTeamRumble


Several hands-on impression articles and videos going up for Crash Team Rumble

This is an on-going and kinda rough article, so let us know if you would like us to add any article or video that speaks about their own hands-on impressions of the game.

News Sites/Press:

The GDC booth/room for those curious

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