TheCartoonGamer: Top 10 Crash Bandicoot Levels

I may not have a PS4 right now, and I may have been a bit late to the Crash bandwagon, but that won’t stop me from talking about such a great series, no siree. Watch as I count down my 10 favourite levels of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy!

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Lanot Design: Speed Drawing of Crash Bandicoot in 4 minutes

Crash Bandicoot Fan Art Character Design. 🙂 The first game I played on PS1, and recently remade on PS4.

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GameStop USA/EB Games Canada: Crash Bandicoot Series Funko Pop! Preorder

Picture of an EB Games Canada listing for an exclusive listing of Flocked Crash Bandicoot (Also in GameStop)

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some Crash Bandicoot themed Funko Pop! figures, now it is time to start looking out for preorders before the November release. Yes, we know those are either widely loved or utterly hated by people. There’s now is a preorder page for it on GameStop in United States and EB Games in Canada. These figures are coming November 2017, starting at US$12/CA$13.

Preorder now the following stores:

GameStop: Crash BandicootDr. Neo CortexExclusive: Flocked Crash Bandicoot

Funko Pop Figures for Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex Revealed

A while ago, we’ve seen a small leak indicating that Funko Pops for Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex are coming in the coming months from GameStop Germany, with a placeholder release date of December 15, 2017. No other details were known at the time. It’s been now confirmed by Funko that several of these figures are now coming November of this year, with Crash Bandicoot #273, coming in several variations, some of which are store exclusives in the US. Dr. Neo Cortex #276 is also coming as well.

Variations of Crash Bandicoot include the Normal, Grayscale (Limited Chase Edition), Flocked at GameStop, Jetpack Suit at Toys R Us, Glow in the dark at Best Buy and Biker Suit at Hot Topic.

Source: Funko – Via: Nerd TherapyTheSneak01 (CrashCortex)


Other news: Bruce Straley is leaving Naughty Dog after 18 years of being there

Making it there, even just maybe there (Roundup of News) & Elgato Giveaway

Well, we’ve got some news regarding the bandicoot on smaller manners, let’s cut to the chase on what’s the embedded video’s about: The Elgato Stream Deck with the Crash Bandicoot Pack giveaway’s deadline is gonna end in 5 days, winners will be announced on September 18 on Monday, if you haven’t entered the contest already, click here.

On another note, here are some of the smaller news we’ve got:

That’s all for now, if we’ve missed anything that needs to be in this post, let us know!

Pixel Mixers: Crash Bandicoot – The N.Sane Jam Album Trailer (Out Now)

“The N. Sane Jam” is a FREE Crash Bandicoot Tribute Mini-Album made by the Pixel Mixers community! – Download Link to the Album

We do not own any of those songs, they were composed by Josh Mancell for Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 and Crash Team Racing.