Bluehogo1989: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Speedpainting

Crash Bandicoot is BACK in Action!! And this in the finest HD visual fidelity! Just as crazy as Crash, the good donation aka Torsten leads through the thumbnail Let’s Play, have fun! : D

Metalli: Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure Fangame (Early Gameplay)

Been working on a lil Crash fangame project for about a month now, figured I’d show a video of it! No download link yet, this is still very WIP. Aiming to release a 2-5 stage long demo at SAGE 2017 coming in a few months. Other than that, not sure how long the finished or not-so-finished game will be, 25 stages would be great ofcourse, buuut we’ll see. Only Crash is playable for now, but if I can and have the time to, I’d like to add Nina Cortex in sort of Twinsanity style.

Oh and yeah, the game itself is 60fps, my computer is just abit too outdated to handle recording at such high framerate in HD.

I’m the one making the game, so I’m working on the engine, level design, everything gameplay-wise, aswell as box graphics (and later on, level graphics). Tyrzi is working on animations, effects, wumpas, gems, stuff like that.

Looking for someone interested in making music for this fangame! Something in the Crash 1-3 style would be great.

And yeah, N. Sane Trilogy definitely got me inspired here. I’ve had one other Crash fangame project going on in the past but that one was way too outdated for me to want to keep working with. Plus it never got further than what you see here.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: Stormy Ascent Time Trial

Woah! That’s one slick speed run. Think you have the chops to beat our time? Prove it! Share a screenshot or video of your time trial for Stormy Ascent to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let’s compare!

Download Stormy Ascent today!

Keith Webb’s Letter to Vicarious Visions (Twinsanity Remake – Crash Mania) & PS Store #1

Let’s begin this Thursday with a nice letter and illustration done by Keith Webb, who was the artist behind the cult favorite game, Crash Twinsanity. He has been calling out for a remake/remaster of the game with all cut content included, with fans using the #SaveTwinsanity hashtag.

Here’s what the letter says, courtesy of Crash Mania:

Also, I have other great news for the franchise yet again: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the number one most downloaded game of July 2017 on PlayStation Store (Europe as well), a whole month after it’s launch, impressive!

Personal take on #SaveTwinsanity: I appreciate the effort going into making awareness of Twinsanity to more fans and Activision/Vicarious Visions, although the reality is that I don’t think we will see this occur or happen soon since it may not contribute much. If this ends up happening, then that’s great and dandy to the fanbase and the series.

Josh Mancell: Generator Room Preconsole Mix and Motorcycle Skull Outtake

Josh Mancell PortraitLet’s begin August after some nice July updates and a Stormy Ascent DLC for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy by listening to some newly posted tracks…

Those tracks, posted by Josh Mancell, are the following: An outtake from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped for the Motorcycle Skull Track and Generator Room from the Original Crash Bandicoot, which is a preconsole mix. They may sound noticeably different from their final versions on the PlayStation. Have a listen:

Crash Bandicoot July 2017 News Roundup (Monday)

We’ve got some roundup news and stuff to talk about briefly here, let’s start.

This post will be updated with more roundup content if needed or requested, anyways, that’s all for the July Roundup of Crash Bandicoot news and bits.