Old Stuff found by ManDude in Crash 1 Prototype

The new Crash Mania is launching September 6th, just 3 days before Crash’s 19th Anniversary!


Charles Zembillas: Free the Bandicoot!


Pre Production artwork for “I am Crash Bandicoot”/”Crash Landed”

This seems to be done when Crash Mind Over Mutant started shipping..

Note: To avoid confusion, we are not going to credit the artist at this time for all the amazing artwork and contribution for Crash Landed due to potential issues for NDA and Activision, only we will do upon request to release the name if the artist is okay…

Crystal’s Wrath Soundtrack (Vol 1) is now available!

The new Untold Story for Crash group page is now officially open!


David Siller: See the untold story soon on a new website