More about “I am Crash Bandicoot”/”Crash Landed” (McDonald’s Promo)


Just this Saturday, Bruno, a member @ CM forums, has found out that Activision was going to really push the game’s advertising powerhouse if released, what you will see here was one example done for McDonald’s, for a DVD case and a special hamburger called “McWumpa”, yes, it does exist!

Done by an agency called Ansell Creative Group.

Original Backup

Double The Awesomeness: Charles Zembillas’ Crash artworks (Getting Jumpy/Portrait)

[Crash Painting 1/2]
A couple of months ago I started a class demo and thought I’d use Crash as the subject. I was working with acrylics on illustration board emphasizing how the mastering of traditional skills is beneficial even if you work digitally. This is as far as I got with the underpainting phase during that session…
[Crash Painting 2/2]
With some free time last night I completed the composition in Photoshop using the same technique as I would have with acrylics. Turned out to look pretty much like what the analog results would’ve been. It was fun doing this and I hope you enjoy the art.


Crash gettin’ jumpy – Crash – Portrait of the Bandicoot

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Want to know more about the history of Crash Bandicoot 1? [Crash Bandicoot Untold Story]

facebookIf you did saw the cartoon cutscene in the last few days, then you might know who was responsible for releasing them, yes, David Siller, one of the people who were responsible for the 1st Crash game ever, and Aero the Acrobat as well!

Although he created a profile, you can still friend his profile as if you were liking a page, and see more about the amazing things behind the history of the 1st game!

Link to the page

[Correction] “IT IS AN ATTRACTION!”

Thanks to whoever told me about this, reminding me to not quickly jump to mistakes when publishing articles and reviewing them, you know… :)

[UPDATE] Corrected stuff for Universal Studios Hollywood, and original post for the Crash intro/end video

See them again @:

Crash Bandicoot was going to have an attarction in Universal Studios Hollywood!

Crash Bandicoot Cartoon Intro/Ending Pitch

Crash Bandicoot was going to have an attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood!

According to David Siller, Universal was also going to consider making an attraction for Crash in Universal Studios Hollywood back in the 90s due to the popularity or prediction of popularity of Crash Bandicoot.

The discussion at Universal at that time was if the game was successful (before Sony came a knockin’) then this animation was a somewhat prototype to further flesh out ideas for a possible cartoon series and inclusion into the game. This animation was influenced by Animaniacs and even a few others popular at that time.

A Crash Bandicoot attraction was also discussed as our offices were right next door to where Universal Theme parks maintained a creative office to plan new park attractions. UIS even did some consulting for them.

Also, bonus: