Poll and Jury Decide! – #FromWumpaToWumpin (Fan Collab)

It’s about time.

Yeah, that’s right, we finally get to the end of this road. With both poll and jury results, you can finally see who ended up winning (and they were all great creations!)

Let’s begin:

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Polls for the cut! – #FromWumpaToWumpin (Fan Collab)


Vote via here!

EDIT: Taking things into consideration, we’re reopening the polls for #FromWumpaToWumpin Fan Collab, as there has been a lack of votes and representation of what people would like to see win. The new deadline is: Friday, December 31 at 11:59pm ET

Now that deadline’s past, let’s start off the polls of creations that might make the cut. Each poll is presented by the category of each creation section from the submissions showcased, so…

(Voting ends on Thursday, December 23 at 11:59pm ET)

Please let us know if your submission prior to December 19 (11:59pm ET) was sent, but not included in this poll. 

Let’s begin with the first category with:

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#FromWumpaToWumpin (Fan Collab) – Craft your best moments with Crash Bandicoot for the 25th anniversary


The days are moving quicker and quicker by, approaching that 25th anniversary date for Crash Bandicoot, a pretty big deal if you ask me. Similarly enough, a lot of other franchises also have major anniversaries this year, and like Crash, celebrations, releases and special tributes are happening as we speak and there has never been a better time to give the marsupial some more love.

For this occasion from Crashy News, we thought it would be wonderful if you paid tribute to the franchise by crafting a piece of work that speaks on behalf of you, from a memory, event, period, an object or piece that has put a special place in your heart, or mind, and perhaps explains why you are a fan of it. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but give it your most love and passion if you want to be creative and unique, it can be a poem, a drawing, something that you crafted by hand, or whatever else.

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Where Have They Been? – Crash Bandicoot 25th Anniversary Fan Collab from Crashy News

What happened to our favorite Crash characters during the infamous hiatus period? Well, the fans have decided, got creative with it, and you’ll be able to find out in this exciting fan collab for the franchise’s 25th anniversary!

» Motwera: Lead Manager and Script Editor
» WumpaGem: Co-Manager, Writer and Video Editor
» KBABZonTV: Video Editor
» RK128: Writer
» KeyBladeSonic: Narrator
» SpongeBandiMark: Lead Artist (Thumbnails)
And thanks to everyone else in the community for helping us!

» Motwera: Managing Producer
» WumpaGem: Managing Producer and Video Editor
» Khrigar: Medley Music Composer
» KeyBladeSonic: Narrator
» KBABZ: Special Thanks
(Please check the end of the video for full credits of everyone involved)

Where Have They Been? (Fan Collab) – The Final Selection!


(drum rolls) We now have the final selection of story submissions that made it, are you ready?

Let’s get started:

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Where Have They Been? (Fan Collab) – After the polls update

Thanks to all who submitted stories for the #WhereHaveTheyBeen collab and to all who voted in the polls to determine the best for each character that’ll be featured. We’re currently looking closely at the results and we’ll communicate the final selection as soon as possible.

With the certainty that some submitters have won multiple polls and in accordance to our rules, we’ll reach out to them to ask which of their winning stories they prefer to illustrate. And according to their decision, the remaining characters will be left to the runner-ups.

Due to this process of elimination and with the fact that some of the characters had very few submissions dedicated to them, it is likely we would end up with some “orphan” categories.

In this case, we’ll also reach out to the submitters that didn’t win the polls to offer them another chance and see if they would be interested in filling in the empty spots.

With all of that in mind, you should now realize it’ll take a bit of time to determine the final selection for the collab. Reminder: the deadline for providing the artwork is on September 2nd.