[LINKED] jeuxvideo.com’s Interview with Thomas Wilson, the Creative Director and Co-Director of Beenox (CTR: NF – French)

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Although the rumor had particularly swelled in recent days, it is the Video Game Awards that the remake of Crash Team Racing has officially presented. Subtitled “Nitro-Fueled” to emphasize the technical boost over the original game, the title developed by Beenox promises an authentic gaming experience for an audience eager to compete in karting in the universe of Crash Bandicoot. Before the VGAs, we were able to talk with Thomas Wilson, Creative Director and Co-Director of the studio, to learn more about the genesis of the project.



[LINKED] r/CrashBandicoot AMA with Rob Titus this week! (Former ND Dev)

This week we are hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread with former Naughty Dog developer Rob Titus.

His work at Naughty Dog included: – Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back – Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped – Crash Team Racing – Jak & Daxter series.

“I started at Naughty Dog on Crash 2 and I was responsible for objects primarily, modeling, rigging and animation. But, since we were only 11 people at the time, I did background modeling, lighting and texture placement and other art jobs that needed to be done. I worked there for 8 years for Crash 2, 3, CTR and the whole Jak and Daxter series.”

Rob will be answering questions in this thread at his leisure through the week. Let’s welcome him with your questions!


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Matt and Jeremy were invited to Toys For Bob for a in-depth look at Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy.

Check out their experience at the Spyro petting zoo, interviews with the developers, and Dino Mines early gameplay.

[LINKED] Collider (Interview): Crash Bandicoot coming back to Skylanders Academy Season 3 w/ Rhys Darby

When you found out you would be shepherding the season three, what were the characters and relationships you were most interested in giving a little more screen time and development?

Weinreich: I know that we were really excited to bring in Captain Flynn, who we know is hugely popular in the games and so he’s going to be making an appearance this season. Patrick Warburton did the voice in the games, and we were so excited to have him come do the voice for the show. His character is hilarious. Because we have Kaos as a pirate captain for a lot of seasons, what we need to go after is a captain of our own. It seemed like this great character to bring into the show, and along with him we wanted to bring back Crash Bandicoot, who shows up in season one for an episode. We found a really interesting way that, without giving away any spoilers, we found a really sort of cool sci-fi way of bringing him back, where it feels different, but we know that fans love that character. So bringing Captain Flynn in, bringing Crash Bandicoot back, we really wanted to have fun with … Clayton, is there anyone else?

You guys mentioned that Crash would be coming back in an interesting way. I believe that Eric Rogers voiced the character before. I’m wondering, is he possibly coming back, or do you have kind of a way around that?

Weinreich: Because Eric was unavailable to work on season three, he wasn’t able to do the voice, but we were able to get Rhys Darby, from Flight of the Conchords, so we have him coming in to do Crash, and he does an awesome job.

Sakoda: It’s a flawless transition, let’s just say that.

Weinreich: Yeah. He’s hilarious. We were so happy to have him come in. I think fans will not be disappointed in the direction that Crash appears in.

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(Warning: Potential Spoilers inside interview)

Skylanders Academy S3 will debut on Netfix in September 28. Please note that Eric Rogers was not able to reprise his role as a showrunner or voice actor for Crash Bandicoot due to stepping down. Clayton Sakoda and Ian Weinreich showrunners duo are now leading the production instead.

A special feature Interview with AntDude about Crash Bandicoot!

Another round of the special multi-interviews for Crash Bandicoot on Crashy News has been published, it is quite important to note that the format may fluctuate and change over time from deadlines, structure and publications, so keep that in mind.

Our second major “Notables” will be with Anthony, known as “AntDude”, a YouTuber who has started his channel around other video games content, especially Kirby and got in the series in terms of videos quite early, with the original Trilogy’s review video and more recently the Caddicarus collaboration with the “More Bad Games” video. Crashy News has featured several videos on the site and he will be giving his thoughts for Crash Bandicoot in this special original interview publication.

Let’s begin:

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[LINKED] Pixelated Audio Episode 100: Crash Bandicoot with Josh Mancell (Podcast)

The original Crash Bandicoot games were developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Crash answers the question of “What would Donkey Kong Country be like in 3D?”

The first Crash title debuted in September of 1996 on the Sony PlayStation and became an almost instant success, spawning numerous sequels and additions over the years. Although it was never official, Crash was the PlayStation’s first mascot, and helped build Sony’s console brand to become a household name the world over.

Join us as we chat about the original trilogy; Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped with none other than series composer Josh Mancell in our milestone 100th episode!