[RUMOR] Another new Crash Bandicoot game also coming? (SIE Japan)

With all the awesome (and maybe debatable Skylanders news) coming out full on from Sony and Activision, we wonder about something else, what else there could be? An actual NEW Crash game, not just a remake, not a playable character, and not a figure?

Well, we got an insider (Enter the Dragon Punch, BISH-verified) who vaguely said that a “new game” is still coming out by SIE Japan Studios, we don’t know any other details..

Oh, by the way, last I’ve heard, there’s still a new game coming. SIEJ.

jackissocool: You mean Crash?

Of course I mean Crash Bandicoot.

Source: NeoGAF (SIE Japan PostHe means it)


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