SIE Europe (Jim Ryan) Comments on Crash Bandicoot (Remastered + Vague Teasing?)

And when you just didn’t think this year could any interesting for Crash Bandicoot, we got some more vague teasing, after an large bunch of teases, Crash playable in a Uncharted 4 minigame, with the big announcement at E3 2016 for Crash Bandicoot Remastered and Crash in Skylanders Imaginatorsand a rumor about Crash game developed by SIE Japan, we get greeted by Jim Ryan (again) from Sony Europe to comment in response to a question by Bengt Lemne (interviewer) on GameReactor at 9:25, in this following exchange:

Q: Even if [the PS4 Crash Bandicoot Collection is] a remaster and we’re delighted about that, it does give us a little more hope that perhaps one day we’ll see a new Crash Bandicoot?

“You know, we’ve got to keep you guys hoping for stuff that’s coming in the future. Tease you a little bit as well.”

As I said earlier, this sounds like it’s fluff for more potential teasing from Sony /Activision on potential news for Remastered or something else for Crash, assuming that it is related to SIE Japan rumor I shared earlier (ETDP) last June..

On another note: The 3 SKUs rumor that was posted is likely related to Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition, not Remastered, sorry for any inconvenience regarding that, I will keep an eye over that

Source: GameReactor – via: NeoGAF (Thanks, salromano)


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