Quickie: New Patch is now live for PS4 (1.07) and Xbox One (Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled)

Looks like there’s a new patch up right now on PS4 and Xbox One, that reportedly fixes the Papu’s Pyramid shortcut, and according to BetaM, some skins have also had their names changed. This patch also is 65MB in size on the PS4 its 1.79GB on the Xbox One and brings fixes that were brought to the PS4 earlier). It is unknown if this patch is or will be up on Nintendo Switch (please report back about that).

This is the list of skins that had their names changed:

  • Watermelon Tawna ⇒ Summertime Tawna
  • White Tawna ⇒ White Tiger Tawna
  • Black Zem ⇒ Solar Flare Zem
  • White N.Tropy ⇒ Quartz N.Tropy
  • Black N.Tropy ⇒ Carbon Fiber N.Tropy
  • Red Papu Papu ⇒ Crimson Papu Papu

Activision and Beenox have yet to officially comment on what the patch changes or adds.

Thanks for the tip, TheKillerXpert, J_64, BetaM and Supplyprawn!

Thanks for verifying the Xbox One patch, sDm Adam and Ryan!

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