Concerning the recent drama about a petition (Crash for Skylanders)

Recently, there has been many upset people about someone who has ‘may or may not’ been rude but rather arrogant and defensive towards his Petition that would supposedly allow us to express our so-called opinions to bring Crash into Skylanders, in which I explained in 2 MAIN POSTS that it would never ever happen in a lifetime (Thankfully, if we would wait for so long for a game, I would rather have see fans make a game, or just flat out have some more encouragement to not let Activision yet again, underestimate the popularity of Crash, just because many think it wouldn’t make them cash, due to their terrible marketing) (READ: Not everybody knows about the recent crash games, but many know about the new Skylanders games)

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Fandom Creations Blowout!

Oh man, just when you think I haven’t been able to find some really good fanart creations yesterday (Most were old but great ones that were never posted before here), I have found some really good ones just before the weekend!

More fan creations being shared than anyone could ever have done! :P

Requested shares:

Crash Bandicoot: A Gem that Needs Revived by thenerdistcolony

Fans & Fans & Fans & Fans & More Fans creating things!