For those who missed it this week!

We have changed our website’s design/theme and logo late for the 3rd year (Anniversary!!) of Crashy News in order to accomdate a much more modern look, and yet maintain/improve the things we share for other awesome Crash fans, like me! :D (Aka Motwera)

Here is the layouts for the logo that was first posted on the Facebook page:


Otherwise, do you think it is awesome?

Tell us in the comments or via the poll we provided here:

Awesome fan creations by awesome fans..!

C’mon Activision, give us a new game for the love of god, we have been waiting for too long, sure, you mention your marketing and success chances for the series and such things, but at least give it to a talented Indie studio (At least)..

Anyways, here are some awesome fan creations I found recently: