Back to Fandom creations: School Edition

Well, it is that time of the year again, you know, school/college/university, whatever you call it :P

Whether you love it, or hate it, everybody has to do work and homework, which personally is a boringly-rewarding-yet-frustrating experience if done well :P

And here we are, back with my newest share of the best fandom creations I have found around the internet:

Charles: “Crash Gordon” by Joe Pearson

Well, we finally have a new gem from Charles about his awesome Crash stuff that he puts on his blog almost every week, this time, it is a recently done fanart done by Joe Pearson, who was responsible for the artwork and style of the classic Crash games!


Quoted from the post:

Busy isn’t the word for it friends. That’s the reason why I haven’t been able to attend to my blog. I offer my sincerest apologies and pledge to get back to featuring art and the creative projects I’m involved with as soon as I can.
Meanwhile my buddy Joe Pearson has come to the rescue by providing me the opportunity of showcasing some original Crash artwork he came up with recently. This was done for one of Matt’s auctions for the Worthing Boys Club in the UK. Joe calls it “Crash Gordon” playing off of the venerable Flash Gordon sci-fi hero.
As I’m sure many of you Crash fans know Joe Pearson was a major force in the development of the project. He was the creative epicenter of it all. I’m expecting Joe to stop by my school for a visit later today. It’ll be great hooking up with him once again.

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