Fandom: More creations shared to continue yesterday’s push

Speculation Time (Leak/stunt): Talk about it at

Gigashare: New + Old fanarts (Bonus: Additional findings)

Let’s talk about someone who has published some illustrations and claims to have worked on a cancelled crash game (I am not assuring its legitimacy yet, many of us are still not quite sure from what intentions the artist has from doing all of this), link to the chatroom:

Anyways, here is a gigantic share post from me, enjoy:

Megashare: More Fandom Creations for everybody, I guess :P

And no, the rumors about Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath fan game being cancelled are not true.

Sierra is back! (But no Crash yet)


UPDATE: It isn’t crash (Yet, I hope), but it is a revival of the publisher, to be an indie (!!) one that replaces mid-tier developed games (Could be Crash in a few years, I hope)

They confirmed to have 2 games to be published: A new Geometry Wars and King’s Quest, as a part of Sierra’s revitalization by Activision

Source: VentureBeat

Maybe they are considering reviving crash for real, since before 2008, Crash as an IP, belonged to Sierra..

They could be considering a different studio too for Crash, I really hope this is it..