(Crash Mini Android by Fivestargames) rash Bandicoot Flash is now on Android!

It’s amazing how someone had the audacity to update this pretty old flash game and put it onto the play store with Play Games support and stuff…
Play Store link

Not Exclusive but it is: Radical confirmed to be working on Bungie’s Destiny


I am sorry for those who hoped for another crash game from radical, it seems that the credits is telling us that their “Exciting Project” is indeed, Destiny.. :(

And yes, I am late to this news, because Destiny was recently released but I overlooked this stuff..

Rayman’s Creator was inspired by Crash Bandicoot (Interview Video by Gamespot)

(Skip the video all the way to 4:22 to hear him say that)
Michel Ancel himself is inspired by the Crash Bandicoot series… (No I’m not saying Rayman as a whole was inspired by Crash due to it being released in 1995, but Ancel said he is inspired by Crash for the later Rayman games.)
I had to also put the video to prove that he actually said that :P

Crash Village: Mutant Creator video (by UZURAMA CHAX)

I just found this, I remember hearing about it, but never really considered it or even really played with it back in 2008, and of course, you can’t view it because the entire crash website is dead.. :/