[RANDOM] 1999 Japanese PS2 Tech Demo

An 1999 japanese TV commercial for the Playstation 2 (it was aired before the console’s launch in Japan). The hype that preceded the PS2 was amazing 🙂

Video uploaded by tbyte2



[RELATED] Griff the Winged Lion, Crash/Spyro inspired Platformer (Kickstarter)

Griff is a true passion project being developed by a group of long-time friends with a love for platformers in common. We have many favorites on the original Playstation and N64 and aim to honor mid-to-late 90’s mascots we grew up with such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon while bringing our own unique elements to the table. We can’t compare Griff to the greats, but we can make a fun tribute with its own heart and soul. If you love the simple charm of early 3D, then jump on board my radical friend, because things are about to get old-school!

Jake Pawloski of Breakerbox Studios is the head behind this kickstarter.

Click here If you’re willing to support this project.

Note: This post is not sponsored or sanctioned by the creator of the kickstarter, this is just a related post personally done by the author to let others learn about the game.

[POLL] Thoughts so far on Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy post-release

crash_2 (1)

A resounding success, well-received, even though it still has it’s share of issues and inconsistencies, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is definitely one great way for the bandicoot to come back and kickoff more games for the future after so long.

You can vote on a spectrum from Amazing to Abysmal for the post-release of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, based on gameplay thoughts usually. You can also reply with your own thoughts on social networks in reply to this post or on the blog.

Booyah Grandma! (CTR) from The Yetee (Kevin Fagaragan)

Get yourselves ready for some kart competition, because we are gonna be riding on the tracks of Crash Team Racing with this awesome “Booyah Grandma!” merchandise outfitting designed by Kevin Fagaragan and brought to life by guys at the YeteeThe Yetee are selling these for a very limited time priced at $12 USD. They are amazing and if you ever feel like bringing your inner fandom out there, get’em before it’s too late! (less than 24hrs only left)

Get them for variety of sizes and in Tank top as well at TheYetee.com

Happy Birthday, Crash Bandicoot! (21 Years Anniversary – NA)

It’s been around two months since Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was released to the masses, doing pretty well, even though the buzz has been going down in anticipation of the next thing for the future of Crash Bandicoot for the coming months. Today, according to the Eastern Standard Timezone, today’s the 21st anniversary of Crash Bandicoot and the original game, Crash Bandicoot for the PS1, released on September 9, 1996. Spyro The Dragon’s 19th anniversary is also today, as a shout-out to our fellow fandom friends there, hold on tight for what’s to come! (Hopefully)

We might be posting the top fandom creations in few condensed posts like last year. Stay tuned for any news that might arise, we might miss it so tip us ASAP.

P.S. It’s now legal for Crash Bandicoot to drink in the United States, may vary by state!

PlayStation Store August 2017: No. 11 in US, No. 4 in EU (Madden NFL 2018, Hellblade)

August came in and went by, just a day before the 21st Anniversary of Crash Bandicoot (tomorrow), we get the official top charts for US and EU PlayStation Stores by Sony, seeing how the bandicoot has performed, even though he dipped away from Number 1 in the US last July to Number 11, he remains in the top 5 by being Number 4 in Europe.

See the full list from the North American and European PlayStation Blogs.