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Hello, this is basically a mini-forums to discuss anything random or Related to Crash bandicoot, please remember to read the rules:

  • Make meaningful topics/comments + Be friendly.
  • Advertising, spamming, X-rated, and finally graphic material (Not violent content but more of real-life content that is graphic) are NOT allowed.
  • Proper English, Please.
  • Contacting us with relevant and nice altitude.
  • Don’t use CAPS or SHOUT/TROLL.

Thank you, now start your journey through random stuff or things you want to share 🙂

You can get a second chance if you got banned, but remember, it is your only second chance, it is served as a big warning to misendeavors

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15 thoughts on “Forums

    1. Activision Support can let our feedback get into the company, but unfortunately, it is not 100% effective as that the company has several sections for doing many things that decide the fate of the series, such as the costs of developing a new game, target market, brand equity, and so much things.

      I say, that they are currently doing a lot of work (assuming they do behind our backs) trying to find a solution to recover from the cancelled 2010 game (Crash Landed/2010) and because Radical En.t has been severely suffering massive layoffs (
      it looks like that they are recovering but not quickly because of restructuring, and could be helping with Bungie’s Destiny)


  1. Discuss your first encounter of Crash Bandicoot 😉
    Personally, It was when I was at a friend’s house, when Crash Team Racing was being played, I was amazed by it! 😀


      1. Crash mania and CM forums has a lot of good resources for twinsanity, ask Beta M, and some others who are into this kind of thing, because i do not know if these earlier builds still exist (aside from demo)


    1. When I was a little kid first learning how to read, I dug through my parent’s cabinets and found my mom’s old PS1 games from when she lived in Ukraine. Crash 1 and 2 were some of them, but the first game was too hard for me, so I played the heck out the second one. Never beat N. Gin, though…


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