Crashy News’ Google Plus Page shutting down at 6PM EST Today


We have a small update on what’s going to happen to the social media pages that have the least amount of interaction, views and followers. The Google+ ones for Crashy News and 3WIREL! will be officially shutting down today at 6PM EST, this is because there’s no real benefit to having them and is not doing the sites any favor in terms of traffic. They are now currently being in the process of being delisted from the sites.

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[POLL] Do you like the updated look for Crashy News?


We’ve recently updated the site for a more elegant and playful visual look to really make it easier for our readers to learn about the latest and best in the Crash Bandicoot realm. Although not everyone will like it, so we are taking out time to ask everyone who is subscribed to the blog to vote on the poll and let us know about your thoughts. Also, check out the three new banners that we’ve added as well in the gallery.