A new year, a new logo: Introducing a brand new identity for Crashy News


After a long wait and well, a speedy poll that I quickly made, I’m proud to say that Crashy News is getting a brand new logo not crafted by me. This time, it’s crafted by Haris of The Wumpa Zone, who has volunteered to help with the new logo (I did not hesistate to let him do so) with the logo that I’ve been personally exploring beforehand but never quite materialized until today, a surprise rebranding that moves away from the traditional “C” Letter that the site has been long known for and gives a fresh new-coot on the hood.

The new logo embodies the past with a wacky font and a brand new bandicoot head that only makes the new identity more personal, fun and in-line with the timely reporting of the bandicoot news. This logo was of course done in the spirit of all fans around the world. For those who also wanted a new theme to make the early “pre-spring” cleaning for 2018, I have been exploring a new theme to replace this one but for the time being, the slight refresh before the brand new logo is doing absolutely fine (for now). Over time, I will be continuing the exploration for slowly updating the theme of the site to make it more fitting with the new identity and keep it from being stale.

Tell us in the comments on what do you think of the brand new logo!



[POLLS] Does Crashy News Need A: Logo, Theme or Name Change?

Here’s a random poll for the sake of seeing what people think of the site. Do you think that the site is getting stale with its theme, logo or name?

Crashy News: 2017 in Review

November 2017

The year 2017 was quite eventful, even with some of it being absurdly unimaginable or outright ridiculous as a followup from 2016, it was absolutely stellar with video games, especially with the fact that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has caused quite a buzz being successful and notable at the same year. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy had an average of 80 on Metacritic and OpenCritic, with it selling between 3-4 million worldwide, according to Daniel. That’s not counting the dozens of merchandise that had been coming out, from mugs, t-shirts and so on. Two most notable ones were the PVC First 4 Figures and Funko Pops, personally speaking.

Crashy News is now on it’s 6th year, in 2016 alone getting a huge boost with the release and hype of N. Sane Trilogy, going through the news, leaks, rumors, events and fandom creations. Crashy News has reached a total of 320K total views, double the amount of 2016’s total views. The most viewed post has received 11,623 views (Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy “Limited Edition” @ Showgame Italy). Let’s go in details over what happened and what has Crashy News has achieved this year.

Most Popular Posts of 2017

Throughout the year, we were constantly talking about N. Sane Trilogy, merchandise rolling out and all of the memes, issues and other things surrounding Crash Bandicoot. The most popular posts on the site in 2017 were (Excluding Home/Archive):

Most Upvoted Posts of 2017

Best Day, Week and Month of 2017

Best Day goes to: Feburary 14th with 8,411 views

Best Week goes to: June 12th with 20,598 views

Best Month goes to: June 2017 with 64,198 views


In conclusion, Crashy News has done a tremendous job yet again informing, sharing the best of the Crash Bandicoot franchise to fans all around the world, including me who is writing this article and bringing out the fans all together while being the fan. Let’s all hope for the best for 2018, since we’ve got stuff post-NST coming up (Spyro, anyone?)

Test Post with Video Preview and some text (Social Media Publicizer)


Reason for the test: Something prevented posts from December 6 and onwards from being brought over to the Facebook page, testing to see if it works again.

Crashy News’ Google Plus Page shutting down at 6PM EST Today


We have a small update on what’s going to happen to the social media pages that have the least amount of interaction, views and followers. The Google+ ones for Crashy News and 3WIREL! will be officially shutting down today at 6PM EST, this is because there’s no real benefit to having them and is not doing the sites any favor in terms of traffic. They are now currently being in the process of being delisted from the sites.

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[POLL] Do you like the updated look for Crashy News?


We’ve recently updated the site for a more elegant and playful visual look to really make it easier for our readers to learn about the latest and best in the Crash Bandicoot realm. Although not everyone will like it, so we are taking out time to ask everyone who is subscribed to the blog to vote on the poll and let us know about your thoughts. Also, check out the three new banners that we’ve added as well in the gallery.