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Crash Bandicoot (Original) Lost Treasures DLC revealed for N. Sane Trilogy

Well, looks like there might be still hope for those looking to play Stormy Ascent in Fur-K for the N. Sane Trilogy, details are quite scarce but I’m being hopeful since the achievements for this “DLC” includes two new trophies, a Silver Trophy (The Crown Jewel) for the old man from Slipper Climb (Likely for Stormy Ascent) and a Golden Trophy (An Ancient Antiquity) for completion/level. It has been yet to be confirmed on whether this is free or paid, since this comes with the Day 1 Patch for the remakes.

Stay tuned for more news regarding this revelation, because we are in for hell of a ride!

Image Source: CGbadass (Reddit)

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PSN Demo possibly releasing (UK/Europe PSN)

After countless demands and pleads from the fans, it looks like there’s a big chance that tonight’s big day for the bandicoot will include a PSN demo released to all players owning a PS4, we got two options on what the demo might contain at the moment: The PAX/Kiosk Demo that we already seen and some have played, or a new demo with a level added from Warped. Sony’s E3 PlayStation Preshow starts at 8PM EST (With Crash Bandicoot debuting there with an announcement) and the Conference starts at 9PM EST. Thanks to BetaM and everyone else for finding this on the PS Store.

Best Buy Canada: Banner’s incorrect, N. Sane is PS4 Exclusive

C_pOBvxXcAAQvAu.jpg-origAfter the buzz and confusion regarding why a Best Buy branch in Canada had a signage that said that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a “1 Year Console Exclusive”, Skyfan91 has updated me with a new picture with clarification from the store staff that the banner had incorrect information about N. Sane’s exclusivity and was only a few months old (Now just recently putting it up, now taken off due to incorrect info, according to them).

To ensure that those skeptical of what Skyfan91 has told me on Twitter, I have called that branch within my province two times in order to ask the store staff about this revelation. It is word for word matched up and the staff told me that the game is certainly PS4 Exclusive and won’t be timed exclusive or “1 Year Console Exclusive”.

Once again, I would like to note to my readers that we have yet to receive an official statement from Activision directly, or Sony Interactive Entertainment for this matter.

Numskull Designs potentially making Crash Bandicoot Merchandise

Ever since rumors started flying around the revival of Crash Bandicoot in 2016, the most that it got attention after PSX 2015’s T-shirt tease was the comments from a NECA representative spoke of the matter, only to back out of the comment, citing “fake image” in which we don’t trust quite honestly. After the major revival announcement, the release of Crash Pack for PS3/PS4 and before PSX 2016’s N. Sane Trilogy reveal, we got breaking news over Activision’s plans for potential merchandise sales and addition of a more formal use of the Crash Bandicoot Trademarks (Thanks to JB) in mediums other than Video Games and basic word of mouth, the two trademarks embody in what I believe is Activision’s bet on using the Bandicoot Brand to market things that you see done with Call of Duty and Destiny merchandise. Just posted today by ZeeCrazyGee on Reddit, Zee has been talking about games he has been excited for this year with a Numskull Rep over at the EGX Rezzed event stand where the merchandise designed by Numskull Designs are being sold (licensed), and I quote from the Rep’s response when told about Crash Bandicoot that:

The guy working with him said that they were going to be selling brand new crash stuff at some point after the game had released, he said they had secured a contract to produce merchandise and have had meetings about what potential stuff we might see but at this point they were not sure exactly but assumed it could be the basic stuff (hoodies, t-shirts etc)

In addition to all of that, on a related note, it aligns with how the prize for the idle animation contest is a copy of N. Sane Trilogy with a yet-to-be-revealed T-shirt, in which the contest’s deadline ends on April 5th, we might get to see it after the winner’s revelation. Considering that we don’t have much information about this tip from Zee, we just have to wait for an official response or reveal in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Nope, it was a Bulletstorm all along! (Rumor Followup)

(Watch the relevant part at 10:50)

Yep, turns out that I was right with being suspcious about this, although it did align with the fact that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy does support 4K on PS4 Pro, neither have we seen anything about it being 60fps (Aside from trailer) and being on PC (although if Activision goes ahead and announces it, that wouldn’t shock me). This video matches pretty closely the audio we have heard at the Off-screen footage video from the last post, strictly marked as a rumor, which we can confidently say that it has been debunked, though we don’t rule out a PC port possibility in the future just yet.

Thanks to Cultured Vultures and others who clarified this.