Crash Bandicoot Prototype/Final Lootbox for Big Box Revealed (Retailer Listings)

Earlier last year of December, it was revealed that the same company behind the Cable Guy figure was also making the Big Box collection of merchandise for Crash Bandicoot, Gaming Exquisite that is. It’s been a little while since we know much on when it would be available and still to the dismay of the fans, no release date has been revealed. The good news is that we now have an idea of what the “Prototype” box looks like from GAME Spain, in comparison to the final one we saw on the official website on Amazon Germany. For starters, the prototype seemed to have more items bundled in than the six items that comes with the final one with the Vacuum Cup included. The Big Box costs €29.99 with €5 off for GAME Spain’s listing.

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EB Games Australia: New Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex Pins (2 Pack)

The merchandise just keeps coming in more than I can ever follow up, there’s some that I have not even touched upon and not sure if I could. Anyways, there’s a new $10 AUD Pins Pack for Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex heads, one akin to the GB Eye Artsy Canvas and Cortex’s head being used from the original games’ render. If you crave for more pins, you can go ahead and order them right now from EB Games Australia.

Other News: GB Eye has added two new mugs and a mini poster on their website.

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Crash Bandicoot #3 Figure revealed for Totaku Collection (March 2018)

It has been just revealed by GAME in Spain that they will be distrubting a brand new collection of figurines, called the “TOKAKU Collection”, which are small but detailed and supposedly well-crafted figures sold for the same price range as a Funko Pop. They are packaged like in the picture below and Crash Bandicoot is among the first wave.

The first wave features mostly Sony Franchises and two third-party franchises associated as PlayStation Icons: Little Big Planet (Sackboy), Wipeout (Feisar FX350), Crash Bandicoot (Crash), Tekken 7 (Heihachi), Bloodborne (The Hunter) and Parappa the Rapper (Parappa). These are going on sale in GAME Spain on March 23 2018 with online preorders available and if we’re being hopeful that this makes it elsewhere, then we can be sure from this US Trademark by GameStop’s company, ELBO Inc.

Reserve the Crash Bandicoot Totaku Figure for €14,95 EUR

Preorder it from Gamestop US for $9.99 USD

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[GALLERY] Kemo Studios’ Crash Bandicoot Merchandise Lineup Concepts

This gallery displays a collection of assorted concepts for unrealized lineup of merchandise done by Ken Morgan of Kemo Studios, around the height of Crash Bandicoot’s popularity in 1998 – 1999, we are also aware that these were done around the same time other merchandise was coming out, such as the plushies, ReSaurus Toys and more. A lot of these were minimature figure statues of character stills as well as other assorted kinds of merchandise like a keychain or a paper mask. You can check out Ken’s other conceptual works on his Facebook and Instagram profiles. I highly encourage anyone reading the post to check the gallery above and give a click to the captioned links.

Thanks to everyone who let us know about this interesting conceptual sketches.

Check out his other “Marker & Pencil” Concept Sketches as well.

[TWEET] NECA’s Crash Bandicoot Figure WIP Preview (Merry Christmas, Everyone!)

First 4 Figures: Crash Bandicoot Life Size Aku Aku Mask Update (Dec 22-25 Last Chance)

So, for those that haven’t ordered their Aku Aku Life-Sized Mask yet, you have one final opportunity to guarantee yourself a statue during its Last Chance Weekend from December 22-25, 2017. After this time, you will now have to jump onto our waitlist for a chance at purchasing your very own Aku Aku Life-Sized Mask. Please take note that only the Exclusive version will be available for purchase during the Last Chance Weekend.

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Bonus: PlayStation Gear’s Crash Bandicoot Merchandise are 20% for a limited time!

Also, PlayStation Italy/EU is offering N. Sane Trilogy for a discounted price in January.