[PLAYLIST] Sontendo: Crash Bandicoot Sound Effects Collection

A collection of various sounds ripped from Crash Bandicoot!

[PLAYLIST] (Some) Bootleg Tracks from Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Demo

Well, for those who were annoyed by the loud SFX in the initial reveal video for Hang Eight, Robokai has finally gotten to play the demo and has recorded bootleg versions of the tracks that play in the level, you really gotta listen to those, they all sound great!


[Playlist] Crash Bandicoot Speedrunning at ESA Germany 2017

Both BetaM and PeteThePlayer have gone to ESA Germany 2017 to speedrun Crash Bandicoot games featured in the playlist. Watch and have a good sip of tea 🙂

[PLAYLIST] ZonicTHedgehog Playthroughs of Crash Bandicoot Series

If you are familiar with ZonicTHedgehog, you should probably know that he usually posts playthroughs of the Crash Bandicoot series quite frequently, alongside the other games he plays on the channel and other things as well. Since I didn’t post his playthroughs before. You can have fun watching his playthroughs alongside the special Skylanders Imaginators playlist of the playthrough with Crash and Cortex.

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[BONUS PLAYLIST] Crash Bandicoot (1996) CRASH banji-kyuusu (Japanese Mix)

Music from Crash Bandicoot (1996 – Cut Content)

Game: Crash Bandicoot (1996)
Composer: Toru Okada
Performed by: SCSCZIPS and various mix
Genres: Soundtrack, Music, Children’s Music
Released: Dec 12, 1997

Provided by: Bremmus

℗ 1997 Universal Music Production Library, Sony Records (Music Entertainment Japan ) and Activision Blizzard Inc.

[PLAYLIST] Crash Twinsanity OST Music Soundtrack

Music from Crash Twinsanity

Game: Crash Twinsanity
Composer: Spiralmouth
Genres: Soundtrack, Music, Children’s Music
Released: Aug 30, 2004

Provided by: Bremmus

℗ 2004 Universal Music Production Library/Activision Blizzard Inc.