[LINKED] hwd405: German Press Kit Disc for ‘Spyro: A Hero’s Tail’ and ‘Crash Twinsanity’

German press disc containing press materials for Spyro: A Hero’s Tail and Crash Twinsanity.


Thanks for the tip, CRASHARKI!

Caddicarus: The Useless World of PS1 Accessories ft. Crash Bandicoot

809 camera shots in 4k resolution. 9 hours 21 minutes of total filmed footage. A broken Caddy. All for PlayStation 1 accessories.

WumpaLewis: Your Unpopular Crash Bandicoot Opinions!

Yesterday I asked you for your unpopular Crash Bandicoot opinions, let’s take a look at them shall we

Hummeldon (The Art of Speedrunning): The Many Peaks of Crash Bandicoot 100%

Sometimes, speedruns see massive improvements in little pockets of time. Without hindsight these moments can almost feel like the end of what is possible for a category. But almost every time, there will be someone to challenge that belief and the original Crash Bandicoot is no different.

[CAMEOS/RANDOM] Crash appears in two recent videos on two channels: Cat and Andrew and This Does Not Compute

[SPECULATION/RUMOR] Canadian Guy Eh: Wumpa League is Teased AGAIN!? But Why? What’s Going On??

Wumpa league was teased yet AGAIN. This game is beginning to drive me insane (or should I say N. sane?). BUT why? Why are we being teased for so long? What’s going on?? Let’s Talk About it!

Orange Crush’s channel!

Thanks again to Benny for letting me know about the K-Zone video 🙂