Announcement: Crashy News Multi-Interview Project for Crash Bandicoot

Update: Please read details regarding deadlines in this tweet instead.

I am humbly excited to finally make an announcement post about the long-anticipated, “open secret” little project that I’ve been working on since January up until this point, with the aim of getting a select number of notable people and the fans to speak about the current climate of Crash Bandicoot, for the success of NST (N. Sane Trilogy), what each one thinks Crash Bandicoot should be (what the franchise, character and gameplay means to the person interviewed). The purpose of the project is to get a better understanding of what people, fans, content creators and non-fans think of the franchise moving beyond N. Sane Trilogy (Post-Mortem, Future and Thoughts).

I will be releasing the first “Notables” Interview with Jerimiahisaiah and the first question from the fans who have chosen to be interviewed next week (Every Friday) with each person who consents to be interviewed via this post/invite with six questions to be answered, thanks to “The Wumpa Zone” for compiling them. If you want to join the interview are interested in getting your thoughts about the franchise and other shenanigans featured on the site, please do not hesitate to contact me via the CONTACT PAGE or via private messaging on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. There is some restrictions, however. For instance: you cannot give out one-liners as your answer and you are expected to be honest and mindful about your answers, other details are going to be discussed privately based on circumstance(s). Deadline for those wanting to do the first wave from now to the end of March is this weekend.

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[UPDATE: FIXED] The Ruination of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Leaderboards

UPDATE: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Leaderboards are now fixed

A few days ago, it was discovered by several people (A fan’s callout tweet) that someone by the name of KGVD5* on PlayStation Network, had hacked and ruined the leaderboards of most if not a whole lot of levels of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, with the “record number of 00:00:01”, unfairly surpassing a lot of skilled players/fans who have been constantly trying their best to beat each other’s records in a competitive way. The whole thing gets worse with Activision’s response to few people on Twitter regarding this fiasco (A response tweet), directing people to go after Sony (PlayStation) for inquiries about the removal of this hack.

I’ve tried via a tweet and a private message, no avail so far and I’m not sure if anything will be done about this issue. Let’s just hope that someone with some decency and control punishes KGVD5* for his unfair advantage and hacking activities for online leaderboards/components.

*Notice: Please do not contact or engage with KGVD5, report him to Sony for hacking the leaderboards (TOS breach) and putting a lot of people at a unfair advantage.

Related: Sony’s PlayStation Europe 2017 Highlights, features Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy with no exclusivity banner, still does not confirm or prove anything regarding the whole exclusivity debate between Sony and Activision for a multiplat release.

[LINKED] Activision Blog: A Crash Bandicoot and Retro Holiday Gift Guide!

During the holiday season, you may find yourself remembering all the fond memories of playing video games. Whether it was that time you found a copy of Pitfall! wrapped up in package, or fired up Crash Bandicoot with some friends, the holiday season is probably when you made some of your greatest gaming memories.

For anyone with an appreciation for the classics, or for someone who wants something retro this holiday season, here’s a gift guide that will help you figure out what to get before the holiday season ends.


[EMBED] Crash Bandicoot’s The Perfectionist Meme

[POLL] What do you want for the Crash Bandicoot franchise after N. Sane Trilogy?

It’s been quite a while since Thumpin and N. Sane Trilogy have been out, many fans are now looking ahead to the future, positively, neutrally or negatively, we would like to ask you people on what would you want to happen next, based on popular demand?

Summary of Vicarious Visions Crash Bandicoot Dev Livestream (N. Sane)


Anniversaries: Crash Bash, 17 years ago for the PlayStation in North America.

On Saturday, we posted an article about an ongoing Extra Life livestream from Vicarious Visions, from the Cinematics Animator Tuan Nguyen and Kara (QA Tester), where he answered questions from people chiming in with a Developer Commentary playing Video Games with donations of Extra Life’s proceeds going to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (Donate from this link). We’ve also got a couple of interesting bullet points that have been noted over the course of the livestream, listed below:

  • Some information that was asked by several people on the livestream chatroom were not answered due to contractual and confidential reasons.
    • There was no higher-ups in the livestream.
    • Some things were “Above our pay-grade” as well
  • Rilla Roo was acknowledged as an unmutated character from the Crash Bandicoot 1 cinematic cutscene as one of the two “Kangaroo” caged animals
  • Pre-production did not start early of 2015 as Activision wasn’t keen yet on the idea of bringing back Crash Bandicoot in something other than the Thumpin Wumpa Islands Pack and as playable characters in Skylanders Imaginators
    • The T-shirt tease by Shawn Layden wasn’t signaling for N. Sane, was rather for Thumpin Wumpa Islands Pack/Playable Crash/Cortex characters in Skylanders Imaginators as the form of Crash Bandicoot’s comeback
    • They talked about how at first it was a “lie”
  • Wrath of Cortex was not much liked according to Tuan/Kara
  • They liked the BetaM Glitches Compilation as they have stated that they wanted some things to remain the same way as the originals
  • Fake Crash’s new cameos was something everyone helped with at VV, making ideas of where to put him and choosing the best ones
  • The Orange Gem in Crash 2 100% ending was an accident
  • They considered some skin ideas, like Low Poly Crash and playable Tawna
  • VV made their own reaction compilations for employees to see
  • They’re also aware of the recent memes
  • They are well aware of the criticism regarding the choice of font in N. Sane by responding to that inquiry with “Yeah, we can imagine”
  • Tuan and Kara have not played the Spyro games
  • They kept the Skylanders Crash dance in N. Sane Trilogy because it was something VV liked since it’s their own version and all
  • There was some changes in the developer times of the Time Trials due to several adjustments done to the levels in N. Sane
  • The unified Game Over screen was part of the decision made at VV to make the games consistent and connected
  • VV hated the trailers and previews because they feared people would take them the wrong way. Like, how the different angles made certain things look jank and the slow gameplay from the PSX Trailer, as well as some things being way too early to show

You can also watch several of the saved clips from the livestream by other people…

Some of the bullet points were contributed by several other people and is not our own list, thanks to all of those who have helped us make the summary list of the livestream. If this list is missing anything or in need for some changes, inform us and finally, If you would like to be directly credited, please do not hesitate to let us know.

This is all the new information that Tuan Nguyen and Kara of VV provided us in regards for the questions regarding Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy development.