Update: Site Categories have been reorganized and few new have been added

July 2018 (Banner #2)

This is a minor but important update to learn about because the site now features reorganized and newly added categories. Here’s what the order looks like:

More updates may come in the future, so stay tuned for that…


A new category has been added “Mods”

It’s about time that a category dedicated to mods, hacks and tools would be available on Crashy News. Wait no more, as it has been finally added for your convenience!

Go check it out!

Minor update to the updated monochrome logo for Crashy News

Please check the original post for more details about this change »

New banners and monochrome logo update for Crashy News (July 2018)

To celeberate the release period of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam), i’ve decided to mess around making some new banners and a subsequent monochromatic logo update for the site. The blue banner is the silhouettes of Thumpin Wumpa Island (Basically also to refer to N. Sanity Beach, a staple Crash Bandicoot level) and the second one might not be accurate but it is a more of a locational reference for the series, Tasmania as seen in the map banner.

Those banners are an early test ground for a transitional ident change for the website, so if you would like to have your input, respond in the comments or provide your creation/reference for what you would like to see next.

Poll and Questionnaire: Do you want more condensed or standalone Merchandise Retailer Listing?

So, it has become somewhat of a problem as an author of Crashy News to cover retailer listing for merchandise, since so many stores are listing it. I feel somewhat the same for video game releases too but that’s not much of an issue since people are more likely to care about those than merchandise.

Anyways, this is a poll and a questionnaire to let me understand what people would rather want: Do you want more condensed or standalone Merchandise Retailer Listing?

Vote in the polls or reply in the comments section below or on social media!

[NOTICE] Multi-Interview Deadline Extended to Sunday 11:30pm EST

Hey guys, just letting you that while the fourth wave has missed its release for Friday, it will still come later on this weekend. I’ve extended the deadline to 11:30pm EST on a Sunday, so you can still submit yours. See previous post for details.

That means that it should be coming on Monday at 1pm EST