N.Sane Tricks & Gnasty Moves Outfits from The Yetee (Kevin Fagaragan)

Let’s spice things up more than the duality cross-over of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon from the GBA mini-games and the recent buzz surrounding the debut of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back’s Hang Eight on N. Sane Trilogy, because Kevin Fagaragan‘s got your back on those amazing outfits that he is selling on The Yetee for a very limited time for $11 USD. They are amazing and if you  ever feel like bringing your inner fandom out there, get’em before it’s too late! (less than 24hrs only left)

Get them for variety of sizes and in Tank top as well at TheYetee.com

Happy 20th Anniversary in Japan, Crash Bandicoot! [Part 2]


Today (or least yesterday was) is the 20th Anniversary of Crash Bandicoot in Japan. We have already selected a slew of fanarts and social media posts celebrating the North American Initial Release Anniversary, so here are some posts from Japanese social media. In addition, you can read some of our selected pieces over Japanese Crash Bandicoot history (Like the Stanford Research paper), Famitsu’s feature cover with Crash Bandicoot or the amazing rare Japanese Crash Bandicoot figures/manga.

Now for some featured Japanese tweets as well celebrating the anniversary:

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#PSX16 Hype: PlayStation Gear Trailer and Livestream Promo

[LINKED] Extra Play Toy Donations of Vicarious Visions (Danny Boy)

Remember the developer commentary for the Extra Play initiative done over last few weeks by one of Vicarious Visions’ game designers? Well, there was previously mentioned that these donations would be used for the initiative and give away toys for a family in need with figures and starter pack(s) of Skylanders Superchargers and Imaginators, you can see the details linked via the following links (via Reddit):


The Yetee (manospd): Crasher and Splasher T-shirts till November 20th


Previously I have covered one of The Yetee’s best limited edition T-shirts on the anniversary day of Crash Bandicoot, Orange Tornado and Crash Course (Free Aku Aku sticker) by Kevin Fagaragan, this Aku Aku T-shirt is designed by manospd and is well done one for sure (although it features a satanic symbol referencing Thrasher Magazine), for those who don’t mind that, you can get both/either one of them for a limited time (till November 20th) at only $11 USD, get yours now at TheYetee.com.

Sony’s Promotional Aku Aku statue “Painting” from “The King” sent to a PlayStation fan!


It seems like another has also hit the jackpot for winning another piece of that commercial from Sony’s “The King” ad campaign, this time it is Paul J. Schiaffano, who expressed his love for the series original trilogy of games in the comments. You can find the amazing painting down below where Aku Aku’s painting of the statue is being sent to Schiaffano in that amazing box to his house. Check the gallery of pictures for it below: