Caddicarus: Crash Bandicoot’s AWFUL Cartoon?! (Removed cutscenes from Crash PS1)

Crash had a cartoon once. It’s terrible.

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Join PIxel Dan for a look at the new Crash Bandicoot figure from NECA Toys!


Caddicarus: 10 Hardest Classic Crash Levels

Crash Bandicoot is Dark Souls. Didn’t you know that? Here’s 10 of the hardest classic Crash levels, in my opinion

EZCompany Collectibles: NECA Crash Bandicoot Figure Unboxing and Review

NECA Crash Bandicoot Figure 4K Unboxing and Review I have been waiting forever for this guy! I immediately ordered this and my god its amazing, im thinking about collecting these NECA releases more, now not sure of the scale, but it looks to be 1/12 Scale at the least, enjoy the video!


Caddicarus: Bandicoot Month has begun!


Game Sack: The BEST and the WORST! (ft. Crash Bandicoot)

Episode 219 – Ever wonder what the BEST game in a particular series is? How about the WORST one? Well in this episode we take a few different series and find the best and the worst examples from those series!

Spoiler: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (Original and N. Sane) is mentioned as the best game and Crash: Mind Over Mutant PS2 is mentioned as the worst. (Excludes spinoffs)

Notice: This video is not of the opinion of the website’s author, it only reflects what the people behind it have to say about Crash Bandicoot.