[LINKED] Destructoid: PC Port Report for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Enough about the history of the series, though. Now that basically everyone can own a copy of this glorious remake, the biggest question that needs answering is whether or not the PC port (co-developed by Iron Galaxy) is worth a damn. A lot of high profile PC games have been getting the shaft lately, so there was always a very real possibility that Crash would um…crash and burn. Thankfully, that dimwitted bandicoot has some zest in him.


Author’s note: I might start making posts about the differences with each port of the remakes, even the PS4 with the patch and DLC of Future Tense.


AntDude: MORE Bad Crash Bandicoot Games ft. Caddicarus

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Caddicarus: Crash Bandicoot’s AWFUL Cartoon?! (Removed cutscenes from Crash PS1)

Crash had a cartoon once. It’s terrible.

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Crash Bandicoot is Dark Souls. Didn’t you know that? Here’s 10 of the hardest classic Crash levels, in my opinion