Games Done Quick: The First Step – “Crash Bandicoot” Trilogy (PS1)

The First Step is a weekly show brought to you by GDQ Hotfix and regular hosts JHobz and Keizaron. Speedrunning can be intimidating to get started with, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn just how easy it can be by utilizing semi-blind races — races of games you’ve played before, but never tried to speedrun — and (hopefully) find a few laughs along the way. Tune in live on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern at to race alongside the hosts! This edition of The First Step aired on June 23rd 2022.



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PtoPOnline: Videos of Crash Nitro Kart and Simpsons Kart Racing Xbox Papyrus Prototypes

Crash Nitro Kart on Xbox – Jul 29, 2003 prototype


A short 20 minute clip of the above prototype build, recorded using real Xbox hardware.

Simpsons Kart Racing on Xbox – Papyrus Prototype

Made by legendary racing game developer Papyrus, this was one of many prototypes apparently made by the company for Xbox. More information about the game, which was released in 2020 by Dink, can be found on Hidden Palace

Recording using real Xbox hardware and XboxHDMI/HD+

Relevance of this prototype to Crash Bandicoot [LINK]

Crashy News: Crash Bandicoot Trilogy (PS1) – Death Animation Montage

Surprise! We got a quick video showcasing many of the funny death animations found in the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy on PS1, recorded in the highest quality yet.

Why so? Well, just to test out some things here and there. Maybe for a new video down the line.

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» Motwera: Lead Manager and Script Editor
» WumpaGem: Co-Manager, Writer and Video Editor
» KBABZ: Video Editor
» RK128: Writer
» KeyBladeSonic: Narrator
» SpongeBandiMark: Lead Artist (Thumbnails)

And thanks to everyone else in the community for helping us!

Darkaiser: Crash Team Racing – E3 1999 B-Roll Promotional Footage

An extended gameplay clip of the SCEA B-Roll found on an old VHS footage from E3 1999. The B-Rolls were a gameplay video recorded internally by Sony employees or developers, then sent to the media outlets across America and Europe for preview purposes. The CTR B-Roll was first showcased during the game’s reveal at E3 1999 and later pre-release coverage. The full length is unknown, but a few more gameplay chunks were included in the mini trailer for the E3 kiosks, which was later bundled with the Test Drive demo disc. Apparently SCEE had their own B-Roll recording too, but this is not very clear.


WumpaLewis: POV: It’s the early 2000s

Crash Team Racing but it’s played on the PS2 in the early 2000s
yeah I know the psp came out mid 2000s but this is a better title

Neo_Kesha: Unseen prototype of Crash Evolution (Twinsanity)

I got this build from anonymous sources. Build required some patching from me, because it supposed to run on PS2 DevKit and not retail PS2 or emulator.

This prototype is dated around February 2003, thanks for the tip, BetaM!