Sherwood: Crash Team Racing Online using Parsec “ITEMS CARRY BAD PLAYERS”

Title is clickbait, only 200IQ Players use Items.


Games Done Quick’s 1545 Showcase Relay: Crash Bandicoot (PS1) Any% Speedrun by WhitePaaws

The GDQ HOTFIX is a series on Twitch.TV spotlighting exciting speedrunning races, tournaments, events and more! This was a showcase relay for the 1545 Relay Tournament, aired on April 28, 2019.

The 1545 Hotfix Showcase is a small sampling of The 1545 community, demonstrating some of what to expect from this year’s full relay event starting on July 12th.

The 1545 is a massive annual speedrunning relay race where teams of runners will complete the Super Mario 602, the Rareware 301%, and the Sprashfecta, all in a row, back to back to back.

This year, in the time between the main race, The 1545 has also started introducing other events, including this Hotfix showcase, and the Invitational Series, where each run of the full relay gets its own individual race to show off the best that each community has to offer. Find out more info about what The 1545 has planned at!

Baby Bacon: Crash Bandicoot Tiger 99X Handheld

I didn’t see any footage of this game posted, so here it is Crash Bandicoot on the Tiger 99X.
I found this old Tiger Crash Bandicoot game while looking for my old Tiger Sonic Adventure game. Decided to look it up only to discover that there are no videos on it. So here it is, It’s not that long ’cause my internet sucks and I’m playing with one hand.

For more information, check out Crash Mania’s LCD Handhelds page on this handheld device, dubbed the “Horror Handheld 1“.

Marky J 2: All Crash Team Racing Cheat Codes

Ever wondered how many cheat codes there were in the original CTR and what each one did? Check them out here! 😀

[RANDOM] Crash of the Titans Short Trailer (720p 60fps)

Crash content for the fans

[PLAYLIST] AleMastroianni: CTR – Crash Team Racing ALL Shortcuts (2019)