Traditional Speedpainting – Tawna and Crash Bandicoot by Maskofshy Giotto

a Quick Video. ♠ ….and sorry

I couldn’t find the inspiration to develop other drawings in the meantime. So I recurr to Crash bandicoot.
I’m still waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 or Wonder Woman to find more themes and characters that you would love to see in these Speed Drawins and Paintings.

I’m in the process of uploading two. One about the MCU Villains… and other in contrast about the DCEU Villains.
and btw: There’s a request one of you asked me … that’s another one I’ll keep developing too.

As always. Thanks for your awesome Support. ♠
You are the best. ♥
I’m the mask of shy … and… have a cool day, afternoon or night.

[Facebook] Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: Making games is hard.

(And yes, this ended up being fixed, so no worries about this occurring)

Crash Bandicoot – Crystal’s Wrath: Glow in the Dark Aku

Crash Bandicoot – Crystal’s Wrath: The Great Aku Aku

His duty is to protect you.

[TWEET] Misu: Crash Bandicoot Fanzines are now shipping

Context: Japanese Fanzine Booth Event hosted by Misu

Coco Bandicoot w/ Pura Tiger Speed Art Painting by “Art by Hano”

Music: “Warp Room” & “Orient Express” by Josh Mancell

Instagram: @artbyhano