DABL #: Crash Bandicoot Fan Game (Level 5, WIP)

i’ve been working on a lot of levels and here’s Level 5 this is just a prototype of level 5 it’s really finished yet and sorry for that FPS


[VIDEO] Guy Who Knew Too Much: Crash Bandicoot Fan Game Progress #2

Added crouching and double jump. I also fixed the spinning. However, I was unable to get crowling work.

I also have made hud, but it’s hidden cause there are no other items added yet. (UPDATE: I added wumpa and got counting work properly)

Camera is stiff on purpose. It’ll be handled when making an actual level.

There are still several bugs to work out, but I seriously need help from other Blender game makers. If anybody would like to help, leave a comment here or contact me via gwktmplus@gmail.com

Also, the game is intended to be 50fps but for some reason it lowers the framerate when Fraps or OBS is capturing.


William Santacruz: Crash Bandicoot Voxel Fanart [VIDEO]

My version of crash bandicoot, inspired by the classic and popular video game platform for playstation.


Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure Update #6: New stuff, Uka Uka, Darkness

There’s abit of a wall of text below here in this description box. To those interested in what you see in the video, read on! Or just ask in the comments.

Haven’t posted a video about this game for a while now, figured it’s about time. I haven’t been working on this project as fast-paced as I did for the SAGE release, mostly due to having a few other projects going on, and due to being hooked on Dwarf Fortress lol. Buuuut yeah, I’ve been adding new stuff and fixing previous bugs and what have you I noticed from the SAGE demo’s gameplay videos.

The biggest changes so far are probably the change of physics to be a tad closer to Crash 1-3, and the fact that I can now split the stages to multiple screens and add death routes. When it comes to physics I still kept Crash somewhat slow, he moves left/right slower than in the originals. The movement speed is pretty much the same as in the demo, but yeah feel free to let me know if he moves too slow, I can always work on speeding him up a tad.

Alright so, a quick list of new stuff you see in the video:

– Gravity/physics revamped, might feel floaty if you’re used to the demo, but is closer to the original games

– Box/crate counter can be toggled to show up every time you break a box

– Crash 1 styled 10-jump boxes have an iron frame, but they still break from a spin

– Sliding to a box doesn’t completely stop your movement anymore

– Superslide keeps going until it breaks all the boxes in its path

– Checkpoints are pretty now

– Uka Uka! The sprite is just a place-holder and not animated. Who knows what this evil mask does…? Read more below.

– A slight screen shake effect from explosions and super ground pound. I’ll also be adding this effect to crushers and anything else that it would fit in with

– Dieing in bonus makes you lose Aku Aku, but not Uka Uka. Dieing outside bonus makes you lose Uka Uka, damage doesn’t

– Bonus rounds might have those !-switches from now on to avoid confusion from nitros

– Bonus results get counted in a way visually similiar to original Crash games, wumpas flying from below to up and all that jazz

– Blue TNT. Works like normal TNT, but can be cancelled by hitting the !-switch again.

– Stages can now be split into multiple screens, this will remove lag since a single screen doesn’t have to be as cluttered with objects now. I just gotta figure out what to do with nitros in multiple screens, should I just make nitros not count to box total, or if each screen should have a nitro !-switch.

– Dark areas. I definitely want these to be in the game, but I reaaally don’t want to make them as difficult as the ones in original Crash games

– TNTs and nitros give light to the dark areas! There will also be bunch of other sources of light too. – Wacky lights for dark areas!

– Purple TNT-wumpa box. Might end up not using this anywhere but heyyy. Kinda inspired by the removed Crash 1 POW box

– Aaand then, death routes (which just uses bonus music and platform for now). These are unlocked by reaching the platform with three Uka Ukas found and not dieing in the stage. Once you’ve reached the route once you can re-enter it even if you die.

– Shown in an earlier video, but; iron nitros. Ground pounds and super slides break these, same with explosions, but other than that all they are safe…ish.

– Not shown, but: japanese language option partially exists in the game now – changes box graphics and the CHECK POINT -text. There also exists a toggle for the iron/reinforced boxes to appear more purple like in original Crash 2/3.

Aaand yeah, everything here is still very much work in progress, so I’m still missing sound effects and stuff like that.

Once I get all the basic stuff working for Crash I’ll start working on Nina. Tyrzi, the guy who makes all the animations and all that, will be able to work on graphics again next month, sooo that’s when I’m also aiming to start up with Nina.

Charles Zembillas: The Little Billy Collection’s Crash Bandicoot Sketch (Indiegogo Campaign)

Hey there you lovely people. Recently I completed a series of sketches for a friend’s project which he’s crowdfunding on Indiegogo. His character is called Little Billy and he’s the very first special needs character. Little Gilly lives in the 1980’s and is caught up with cartoons and cereal and all the things going on in that decade. Chance Raspberry who’s an animator on The Simpsons is the creator of Little Billy.
My contribution to the campaign involves a collection of original drawings that I came up with in a couple of sittings getting the hang of the character based upon the look that Chance has established.
Here’s the collection. You can find out more and purchase them on the Little Billy campaign on Indiegogo. There’s only a couple of days left and some of the drawings are grouped together in a bundle at a great price. Look for the Original Art Collection.
They’re done with blue pencil and black pen on animation paper. The He-Man and She-Ra sketches are 11 x 17 inches and are sold individually. The others including the one with Crash Bandicoot and Fievel Mousekewitz (American Tail animated feature 1987 – I was the first artist to develop the character) are included in the Little Billy Collection Bundle and are going for a great rate.
I don’t put many of my originals out there for purchase and ownership so here’s an opportunity to grab some up and support the Little Billy Project as well!. Campaign wraps up around December 15 or 16 2017. There’s other rewards for supporters as well. Please check it out and help the Little Billy campaign reach its goal.


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[EMBEDS] Joe Szabo’s Custom Crash Bandicoot Arcade Machine (N. Sane Trilogy)

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