Guy Who Knew Too Much: Crash Bandicoot Fangame Template Progress #4

Finally a new progress update. Asking for help in Discord paid off most well. And sorry for the bad video quality.


Beta Tester: Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex Beta Remake Update #3 (Aku Aku)

Finally got the aku aku shit to work. I pretty much underestimated my self :p because i thought it was going to be hard a f (Pause (:)
Also did the crash hurt shit thingy, the thing that causes him to blink bascially :)))) Yaaay, project doing better than i thought it would 😛


Beta Tester: Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex “Beta Remake” Updates #1 & #2

Since i lost all my ratchet and stuff the last time, i did lose the crash project. I know one guy that has a copy of my project but he’s so obsessed with money that he actually charged me money for my own damn project. So i decided to work on crash from scratch again, now that i’ve learned alot from when i was working on ratchet!
So ye i’ll be working on this while i’m trying figure out how to do the gravity part.

Yay, now finally figuring out how to do some specular highligt. Like in the game, also the water tho. I’m satisfyied on how the water shader turned out to look..

Crash Bandicoot vs. the Boomerang by Absurd Hippie Ryan

The eternal struggle of Bandicoot vs. Boomerang. Oogabooga!!

MASHED: Crashfish Bandicoot (SUBNAUTICA)

A planet coated entirely with ocean? An Exploding fish? Crushing solitude? This is a recipe for disaster.

Produced by Tom Jenkins

Idea, Animated, Sound Designed & Music Curated by Jamie Spicer-Lewis (RageNinteen)

Additional Sound Design by Jason Dewey

What happens when Crash Bandicoot invades Subnautica? The answer will make you “Woah!”

Drake’s Cove: First person Crash Bandicoot (60 FPS) Green Screen

Here’s a Photoshoped 42 frames loop of Crash Bandicoot running in first person view.

Free to use!
just remember to give me some credit. – Download

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