Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure: Video #9, Demo 2 Teaser (Metalli/Metalsonic3)

Please read the description to get info about the demo and the process (no download link yet)

So hey yeah that Demo 2 is coming soon, I haven’t been posting much so here we go. The demo won’t be as great as originally planned since we kinda ran out of time buuut hey, we still wanna give something for people to try out and play so here we go, there’s gonna be 3 (hmmm or 4? what’s that empty spot in the warp room?) stages that you can try out, two for Crash and one for Coco, no boss though.

A bunch of new things will be on display here, including stuff you’ve seen in my previous videos such as stages being split to multiple screens, Uka Uka, Coco, and new stuff such as a new Save/Load system and a stage select screen (warp room). The stages here really are just test stages so the graphics aren’t the best, the main goal here is to see how things work, if there’s bugs or glitches those really need to be fixed, what works and what doesn’t, aaaand so on.

I’m hoping this will be the last demo before we start working on the actual stages for the full game, though there might be a seperate small Nina demo once we start working on her gameplay. The only Nina related thing (other than plans for her gameplay) is that icon you see in this video so yeah, there’s a long way to go.

The music here is a subject to change too, due to me and tyrzi being slow with work Ozone (the musician) hasn’t been able to work on new tracks. There might be a new track for the stages if we get lucky, though some things will be recycled for now, and I might end up using some Crash 3 or CTR tracks as placeholders.

Anyway, while not the best thing ever, I hope you guys will still enjoy the game so far once the demo is released! Progress has been slow-ish but we’re not stopping. I’ve been working on improving some of the Demo 1 stage graphics too, expect to see more of those in Demo 3 or the full game or whatever shall come next after this demo!


Jinnie_the_Wew: AR Crash Bandicoot Mini-Game Lens for SnapChat (24 hours unlock) & F4F Aku Aku Update

snapchatarlenscrash.pngI have good news for those who wanted a comparable AR Crash Bandicoot experience that’s somewhat tolerable, provided that you use SnapChat lens. Jinnie_the_Wew has gone ahead and made this lens for anybody to use and play around. Sadly, it is limited to 24 hours due to a limitation put in place by Snap Inc.

Go to this link to get started.

Source: Reddit

In other news, Aku Aku’s First 4 Figures statue/figure will begin production after Solaire of Astora and Spyro statues are done.

Salvatore Nobile: Crash Bandicoot Speed Painting

This painting took me about 9 hours.

Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure (Coco Kart) in SAGE 2018 trailer (August 25th – September 1st)
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Minor Update for Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure: Coco Clip


no sound, wip – Tweet thread

Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: The Castle

Crash and Aku find themselves in the abandoned basement laboratory of Cortex Castle. What mysteries of the past might they uncover?