xxpupgirlxx: Speed Painting Ripper Roo

2 Speed Paint’s in just 3 days?! I’m getting crazy….As always. 😛

Another redraw of one of my old artworks, of one my favourite bosses from Crash Bandicoot, Ripper Roo.



Stavbeka: Crash Bandicoot & The Wrath of Cortex N.Vigorated 8/4/19 (Dreams PS4)

The rest of the crates have been made. This includes Slot, Timer (& Steel Timer), Steel Communication, Gift & Elemental Crates. Timer crates can either activate locked crates or gameplay objects. The Steel Communication crate can be toggled on/off, unlike the regular version, which switches it to on. Slot crates have finally made it, (they were a son of a bitch to get working), and function near identical, save of the occasional knockback (from rotation). Gift Crates award players assets depending on their tier, Sapphire gifts are generally props, gold are simple gameplay items & enemies and platinum are advanced gameplay items and characters. Sapphire crates contribute towards the crate gem. Additionally, Gift Crates can only be obtained once, after that, they either are replaced with a random crate or disappear. Elemental Crates only break upon using the right element (a feature that will be added into the game, you obtain a power up and an element, which can also be used to affect the environment.)

The master gem (The rainbow gem/Opal) has been made. It doesn’t do much, and functions the same as a white gem/diamond. The master crystal, master relic, tablets and talismans will be made soon.

Asides from that, there are a few miscellaneous changes. Crates will no longer drop wumpa upon entering time trial (the atlasphere level wasn’t updated), and wumpa/lives are directly awarded when using a vehicle or a projectile. Although not making it into the final version, the other colour gems are aligned vertically in the hub world as proof that the game memorises them.
I hope to do more on the hub world (including optimisation) next week, and start working on Crash himself.

Autofan999: Tawna Bandicoot in Dreams PS4

Tawna Bandicoot made in Dreams on PS4.
100 % Walktrough

I will add more levels in future updates.

ErectedFrog: Crash Bandicoot Fan Game (1 Week Project) Demo

Made myself a game dev challenge, to create a simple Crash Bandicoot game within a week. The week concluded and this is what came out of it. The game features Crash Bandicoot in the style of the Crash of The Titans beta model, he has all of his moves from every game excluding the Titan-MOM era. To slide or crouch use Left Ctrl, to spin Mouse 1. Collect all the mojo in the level to unlock the door for the Power Crystal.

This is a simple 1 level demo made in 1 week, please fill out this survey if you download and play it.


Please report any bugs found in-game, current bugs I know of but couldn’t fix before the one week mark as I was trying to get as much Crash Content in as possible

  • Crates not being able to be broken when close up
  • TNT shaking camera when far away
  • Sometimes death doesn’t happen when close to TNT
  • Sometimes crash can spin and kill a enemy but still die

If you want this game to continue please fill out the survey that is posted above ^. I’ve got a simple story in progress of being wrote, and new game mechanics that I intend to add.

Gravitopia 64: Crash Bandicoot N. Spired Level in Dreams PS4

Uploaded by damien 1928

JejkobbB: Found Him In A Rescue Center (Crash Bandicoot Edition of bergyberg123’s Instagram video)

Subscribe or I’ll make him attack you.

SOURCE (bergyberg123’s Instagram)