Alex’s Stuff: I Made a Crash Bandicoot-like Game in 24 hours [Fan Made]

Should I implement a VR Crash version of this level? xd

You like my creation = I am happy = smack that..Just Kidding
You dont’t like my creation = I have to get a lot better (obviously)

Crash Bandicoot was and still is one of my most favourite games.
So after almost 2 years of Game Development in Unity (which is nothing compared to beasts like Brackeys, Sykoo, even the Milk boyo Dani),
I decided to create a Crash styled game (more like Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy).
I wasn’t really a fan of the newer Crash games like Titans, or Mind over Mutant.
And to make it even more interesting I gave myself 24 hours to make the game.

The awesome level music that I used is from:
Adam Haynes

Please don’t watch my older videos.

Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: Temple Dungeon Skull Round

Click… CLANG!

Dexter Manning: Road to nowhere – Crash Bandicoot (Drum Cover)

Arion Rashad: Work in Progress Fan made Animation for “Crash Bandicoot 4”

So hyped to play as these goofs again! Absolutely in love with the designs & overall style this TIME around 😉

Here’s a tiny animation I might add onto later!

Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath: Them Dang Droids – Soundtrack OST

helLO everone

DJ Danny here with some BIG TIME Crimpstle’s Wratfh BEATS

Composed by Patrick Meissner (PatStrikesBack)

[LIVESTREAM] Axo Ortega Cartoons drawing Crash Bandicoot

Today we will make a new fanart and we will make Crash Bandicoot