KeyBladeSonic: [MMD x Crash Bandicoot] I like Trains

After some time, I am back with a new MMD video featuring Crash, Coco and Cortex from Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time! Experimenting with 60FPS and hoping to produce more as I look to upgrade my PC. Hope you enjoy it. LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

RealHeayn’s crash bandicoot comic, dubbed by DaveAce

Was bored. Kennie sent me this really funny fan comic, made a dub.

RealHeayn’s crash bandicoot comic

Airumu: Stay Frosty – Cortex’s Lab (PS1 Remix, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time)

Poly_G: Food Run – PS1 Demake

Very hard to transcribe, couldn’t resist though. Also, another test for my ears. I’ll probably link the MIDI here at some point, in case someone wants to remix it

RamiroBandicoot (RB): Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – 4th Time’s A Charm (REMIX)

My first IAT Remix!
Although it starts almost the same as the original, as the theme progresses you’ll start noticing differences and major changes in some parts.

Even if I have some issues with some of the soundtrack direction and decisions, I still fuckin’ love it (Props to Walter Mair for composing catchy tunes for the first brand new game on the series in years), and Iove this track. So I wanted to compensate some of the parts that seemed weak.
I think the overuse of the intro part of the Cortex 3 theme was one of the biggest issues, and although the structure of the remix is not perfect and very coherent either (I tried my best pls), I wanted to provide a little bit more variety, and play a bit more with some of the existing parts and polishing them too. Also I included many nods and references towards the original tracks and the NST versions of it too, in terms of instrumentation.
00:39 was taken from Josh Mancell CasioTronic Cortex cover, since it was just a basic track messing around with a Casio foundation, I really liked how it sounded and I wanted to incorporate here too! (Link here)

Also a disclaimer, I’ll stop posting Crash Bandicoot tracks on Soundcloud, and in the very near future I’ll pull all of them out. To compensate that, I’ll probably will compile an album of the remixes for people to download.

Chem-pro94: Tawna Bandicoot (#Crash4) Mod for Street Fighter V PC (vs Lucia)

Video by PC Best Mods


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