Sara94: [MV] Neo Cortex vs Uka Uka – How Does It Feel

Whew, it’s been a while since I made a Crash vid this angsty, awyeah. Uka’s possession of Cortex is a lore aspect that always intrigued me, and there were so many fitting words in ‘Blue Monday’ that I just HAD to script it out and give this a serious shot. Hope it works!

Inirdin: Orient Express on zoomer (Jak and Daxter PC Mod)

Custom level in OpenGOAL. Orient Express level from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped with terrible gameplay
Thanks BetaM

Darkasier: PPSSPP VR – Crash Bandicoot Games

Built by Lubos in the PPSSPP community, this is an early prototype of a “true” VR emulator that can be installed on the Quest 2 headset. Headtracking works, separate images are rendered to each eye for proper depth perception, and the quest’s wireless controllers are automatically mapped to PSP controls.

Because there are no ROM hacks, games will function as originally intended, meaning if you turn your head and look outside the intended field-of-view, there might not be many objects there to see. However, with growing popularity of this emulator, the PSP reverse engineering community can potentially mod games one-by-one to modify frustum culling algorithms, allowing games to render the “full” scene in VR.

In the previous video (Crash Team Racing in VR), the full scene was rendered, because the frustum culling algorithm was modified by the CTR community, allowing the player to turn their head in any direction. However, the CTR video did not have separate-eye-rendering, nor did it work on any other PS1 game.

With PPSSPP universally working on all games, combined with game-specific tweaks to draw the “full” scene, this could be the biggest VR project to ever exist.

How this works (only read if you’re a programmer):
The PSP does not multiply Perspective, View, and Model matrix in the game code, there are separate hardware registers for each, and fixed-function hardware multiplies them together. Therefore, the emulator can see each individual matrix, and override the perspective and view matrix for VR. This wont work on universally PS1 because the GTE registers just have the pre-multiplied MVP.

KT wolf Animations: Stop Motion Paper feature for Crash Bandicoot

The insane marsupial dude crash in a wild 3d paper style with level’s based on future tense and eel deal. …. { BETTER WITH HEADPHONES ON }…

Darkaiser: Crash Team Racing – Virtual Reality Tests

Niko bought an Oculus Quest 2, and one week later we have CTR in virtual reality. Rather than using the ModSDK, this mod runs on Windows via emulator-injection. The most convenient part of this video was the Oxide Station shortcut, where you can actually “see” where you’re going to land, allowing split-second adjustments if needed.

This mod does all the matrix math to take the oculus orientation from quaternion, to float-point matrix, to integer-vector notation, to CTR math.

Inside the headset, the game itself does not draw on both eyes. Niko is using the Oculus Link’s built-in feature to view the monitor, where the game is in fullscreen mode. We can potentially have a “full VR” mod where the game draws on both eyes, with proper depth-perception, but first we need to finish the PC port.

After the PC port is done, this will be a high priority. The Oculus Quest 2 supports near-4K resolution, and 120hz refresh rates. This means we have to finish our 60fps mods, then make mods on top of those mods for 120hz. Lots of room for improvement, lots of work to be done before a “proper” release, no need to rush out and buy a headset, but as a first draft, it’s still VERY fun.

Stay tuned for more.

Inirdin: Jak & Daxter but it’s Crash Bandicoot (OpenGOAL Mod)

Mod in OpenGOAL

There is quite lot of postproduction (Music, Save icon, All orbs notification) and the level doesn’t look good from any other angles than those seen in the video, so don’t expect to play this yourself in this state any time soon.


Thanks for help Water, Ruh, Zed and everybody involved with OpenGOAL