Darkasier: Crash Team Racing – Decompile Overview #2

Quick update on the progress made by the research team (video presented by Niko).

We’re still far from fully-custom levels and a PC port, but every day we’re getting closer. We understand 97% of the game code, and have rewritten 9% of the game code. When 100% is rewritten, we will be able to port the game.

Lectures on coding basics

Documented game code (97%)

Rewritten game code (9%)

Stay tuned for more.

BlazingVictini: ‘Sackboy: A Big Adventure’ PC Mod Showcase ft .Crash Bandicoot, Wario & Toad (Mods made by TopHat Goat)

Credit to TopHat Goat for creating the mods used in this video!

Darkaiser: Mario in Crash Team Racing – Custom Character Showcase (WIP)

Here’s a quick mod showcase of a highly requested crossover: Mario in Crash Team Racing – now including proper voice clips. There is still work to be done before custom models can feature proper texturing, but for now this is as far as we can push.


  • Mario model by SonicYTP
  • Mario voice clips by PootisDaMan

CTR-tools repository
Modding toolkit/decomp repository

Crash Bandicoot: Isle of Ruins – Devlog #5

Follow my progress as I recreate my favourite Crash Bandicoot levels using Unreal Engine 5 and Blueprints.

For more updates follow the project’s Twitter

Tanooki: Crash Checks the Bathroom (Blender)

Inspired by Vinesause Joel and Zeurel
Crash (and Coco) Model by Spongebandimark

Here’s a pinkscreen if you wanna use it for a video

Crash Bandicoot (c) Activision {or Microsoft, I dunno.}

User619: Sonic Adventure Emerald Coast Mod (Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time)

If you like this mod let me in the comments below.

My first stage mod for this game.

If you want to show your support by donation you can be a patreon.

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