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[GALLERY] Crash Nitro Kart Barin Concept Art Illustrations by Snakebite and Geoffrey

It was recently revealed via a post by cortex300 on the “Crash Zone Forums” (Italian) several pieces of Crash Nitro Kart concept art for Barin were done by Snakebite Cortez and Geoffrey Smith when the project was in development for its 2003 release. The majority of the concepts feature an icy snow look, although the last two are dramatically different from the rest since one is underwater with tiki statues by Snakebite and another is an underwater cave path by Geoffrey.

Notice: These concept art pieces look similar to what ended up in the final release of Crash Nitro Kart unless otherwise specifiedIf you believe that differences should be pointed out, please do not hesitate to state them in the comments below or via social media sites.

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Mechanics VoiceOver: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Russian Fan Dub (NST Mod)

Voiceover/Dub work was done by “Mechanics VoiceOver” Team.

Dr. Neo Cortex – Leonid Makarov
N. Brio (Dr. Nitrus Brio) – Max Ovcharenko
Uka Uka – Peter Glantz
Aku Aku – Andrey Stakiionis
Coco Bandicoot – Ekaterina Dmitrova
N. Gin – Alexander Lugovsky

Озвучено MechanicVoiceOver.

Роли озвучивали:
Доктор Кортекс – Леонид Макаров
Нитрус Брио – Макс Овчаренко
Ука-Ука – Петр Гланц
Аку-Аку – Андрей Стакионис
Коко – Екатерина Дмитрова
Н’Джин – Александр Луговский