King’s “Crash Bandicoot: On the Run” delisted from app stores (already gone from the website), support says this is a “bug”

News of the mobile game, “Crash Bandicoot: On the Run” winding down has been spreading through the community as of recently, with the official King website, removing mentions of the game (however, the subcommunity forums still exists, as well as the official Discord server). This, naturally, caused a bit of stir and speculation amongst the community, and what this means for the game going forward, whether its previous hyperbole of the series dying due to lack of updates for the mobile game (as you might’ve imagined, probably came from the negative sentiment towards ABK, even if justifiably so, as well as some folks moving on to new projects or companies), or confusion regarding what has happened since the last update regarding the game posted on social media.

AdventureCharl was one of those in the community who went to find answers regarding this whole ordeal, contacting King’s customer support about the matter, and getting two responses over the course of the last few days (December 12 and December 16), with the response being as follows:

As you can see, customer support says that this delisting is a “bug”, and that the team is “busy putting their finishing touches to more exciting features and islands which will be available very soon”, which is counter to reports and speculation about the game being done for good. Last social media post was around February 2022, but previous speculation about the game’s “Bash” skins reference being tied to the finally-announced “Crash Team Rumble” could suggest the team might finally be ready to either relaunch the game, or wind it down for good (with or without a replacement).

One last bit: In-app purchases (or microtransactions) can’t be bought at the moment as well, with Canadian Guy Eh suggesting some back end stuff might be occurring.

All in all, we’ll see if anything will happen during the release of “Crash Team Rumble”, although I would say to keep expectations low, just to keep it real.

That’s all, folks!

If you would like to add a correction or new information, let us know.


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