First 4 Figures unveils Dr. Neo Cortex statue as the next release, with a launch live stream on July 21, 2020

Looks like First 4 Figures has finally taken the wraps off their next release of their Crash Bandicoot series of statues, and as expected, it will be for Dr. Neo Cortex. This design resembles the classic design a lot closer in many areas, such as the head shape, hair, eyes and mouth (not to mention the fact that it lifts straight off from the Warped final boss). It might have characteristics from post-Naughty Dog games, such as Nitro Kart and N. Sane Trilogy as well. Here’s what the company describes the design as:

Apart from his iconic facial features such as the letter “N” on his gigantic forehead, we can also see in the image that he’s holding up a mine, which is one of his arsenals during the Dr. Neo Cortex boss battle in the third installment.

F4F notes that it has been made into a reality thanks to the positive reception for the poll on the character from 2017, stating that after much behind the scene development on it, it is now finally in the physical stage. In addition, there will be a launch live stream happening at 12pm EST on July 21, 2020, with an early bird discount bonus of %10 off. You can sign up for future updates too.

Thanks for the tip, Crash Universe!

Source(s): First 4 Figures Blog

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