Quickies: First 4 Figures (Unplugged on March 27, 2020) Update on Dr. Neo Cortex and Crash Bandicoot Sneak Peek Tease

We’ve got some updates regarding what First 4 Figures will be doing with the Crash Bandicoot series of figures (PVC/Resin):

  • The Dr. Neo Cortex figure is almost ready for launch!
  • Alex has teased that something from the Crash Bandicoot lineup will be revealed in a sneak peek soon.
    • We do know that Alongside Dr. Neo Cortex, there are several figures/statues in development
    • These include: Jetpack Crash, and the Crash Team Racing statues

That’s all there is for now. If there’s anything that is missing or misinterpreted, let me know.

SOURCE(s): First 4 Figures Blog – First 4 Figures Facebook Group

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