[LINKED] Activision Blog: Post-Grand Prix Content Announced! for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (out now!)

Though all of the Grand Prix seasons have ended, there’s still a load of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled content to look forward to as the racing continues! From a bonus content pack to new challenges, we want to give the players – some of the best fans in gaming – access to a whole load of additional content to check out in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Here’s what’s going on, starting on March 26 at 8AM PDT (3PM UTC):

  • A Bonus ‘Beenox Pack’ (Unlocked from the get-go content for everyone)
  • Grand Prix, Ghosts, and Golden Wumpas: The Challenges continue!
  • Time Trials (Beat Beenox Dev Times, harder than any previous Time Trials set)
  • New Pit Stop Content (New characters, skins and more!)
  • Changes to the Pit Stop (Refresh 2 times, all GP content now purchasable!)
  • A New and Improved Rilla Roo, Too! (Unlocked straight away if you already unlocked him previously)
  • Secret ‘Crate’ Character (Yes, they added an item that was touted as a meme, “Iron Checkpoint Crate”)
  • Try winning Cup Races on all three difficulties and you win new Paint Jobs when you do!
  • New audio feature: Soundtrack Music player in the options menu
  • Online Leaderboards (got reset due to invalid times, those bugs got fixed)


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