Inside-Games (Japan): Crash Bandicoot is #6 with 65 votes among Readers’ Most Wanted DLC characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Fighters Pass 2)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch has been out for quite a while, and we’ve got a second Fighters Pass on the way with 6 slots to add characters with. So how about we take a look at a notable site from Japan that asked its readers about their most wanted characters, shall we? Please note that this poll was conducted with over 3,000 people who participated in the site’s survey and may not be completely representative of what the players from said country want the most.

85.7% male, 8.3% female, 5% no answer.
10’s 54.7%, 20’s 32%, 30’s 6%, 40’s 1%, 50’s 0.5%, no answer 4.7%.

~BZL8 on ResetERA

Turns out that the top 15 characters are (by descending order):

  1. Sora (290 votes)
  2. Dante (91 votes)
  3. Hunter (80 votes)
  4. Rex (74 votes)
  5. 2B (70 votes)
  6. Crash Bandicoot (65 votes)
  7. Waddle Dee (64 votes)
  8. Sephiroth (59 votes)
  9. Arle (56 votes)
  10. Steve (55 votes)
  11. Saber/Artoria Pendragon (53 votes)
  12. Kirito (50 votes)
  13. Reimu (42 votes)
  14. Goku (32 votes)
  15. Geno (26 votes)

Thanks for this interesting tidbit of information, shonenobrien!

SourceInside-Games (Japan) – via Dexetro

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