[RUMOUR] Could there be a new Crash Bandicoot cartoon in the works?

WARNING: Heads up! This article contains content that is speculated from educated guesswork and understood based on what is presented or implied so far, it could be anything, so take it with a grain of salt as it might be incorrect or something else. Also, anything could change, or be revealed to be otherwise than thought to be.

Okay, that animated (GIF) image isn’t exactly a cancelled cartoon for the series, but rather unused cutscenes for the original Crash from 1996. Regardless, it really represents what most people now think of a cartoon coming from this series due to its nature. Also, we had “Crash of the Titans” shorts, appearances in Skylanders Academy, and cartoon cutscenes in Crash Mind Over Mutant. I recommend checking out Crash Mania’s article about this matter, since it goes into detail if this can work, its potential, etc…

I think its clear that its about time we get a proper cartoon show for Crash Bandicoot, here’s what SNRUB had said on his thread at ResetERA regarding said rumour (with image attached above):

Animator Bill Kopp posted this pic and shared it on his Facebook page with animation producer Jeff DeGrandis, on the left you can see a huge poster of Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. For the record, this was taken at Activision’s HQ in Santa Monica, CA this past weekend.

Bill Kopp has quite a resume. His most famous work is Eek! The Cat which aired on Fox Kids way back in the day but he has worked other things like the Roger Rabbit shorts, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes and even The Simpsons back when they were crudely-drawn filler material on Tracey Ullman’s show.


That’s all for now. If there’s any information that’s missing or incorrect, let me know ASAP.

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