Zavvi/MyGeekBox (US/UK): Exquisite Gaming’s Crash Bandicoot Limited Edition Collectable Big Box Preorder

Looks like Zavvi and MyGeekBox are offering a preorder of a limited edition Big Box set of merchandise for Crash Bandicoot by Exquisite Gaming, which is contained in a cool TNT Crate Box with some goodies, with renders being based on N. Sane Trilogy’s style. It even features the new Aku Aku Crash Bandicoot Cable Guy figure that was seen as a device/controller holder some time ago, only now as a key chain cover.

The ultimate gift set for crash fans. Box includes exclusive items: travel mug, stress Cube, large lanyard, key cover, vinyl sticker sheet.

As the description mentioned, the set comes with the following items inside: Orange Travel Mug, Stress Extra Life Crate Cube, Aku Aku Crash Keychain Cover, and a collection of stickers in a vinyl sheet. You can preorder it now from the US/UK and worldwide in the links below. This is expected to be released on October 30, 2019, check prices below.

Thanks for the tip, CrashRatchetFan!

Preorder now from the following retailers (£24.99 GBP/$32.99 USD)*:

*Discounted price from the MSRP (£29.99 GBP/$26.99 USD)

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