[GALLERY] The full Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled merchandise lineup from Numskull Designs has been revealed officially!

Today’s finally the day, after such a brief but seemingly-long wait, the full lineup for CTR merchandise has been revealed by Numskull Designs. These include a new kart racing Incense Burner. These all use the new standard and more creative fares of Crash Team Racing and N. Sane Trilogy renders and illustrations provided by Activision, which makes some of them special in their own regard compared to the standard affair of Crash Bandicoot merchandise featuring the standard assets of N. Sane Trilogy. All or most of these merchandise items are coming early June or later, during the period of the game’s launch, June 21, 2019.

All these items listed above are coming soon, they are as follows:

  • Apparel: Crash Cove Tee Shirt/T-ShirtEat the Road Tee Shirt/T-ShirtPowerslide Hoodie
    • The apparel all features the new, edgier Crash illustration that makes the new lineup distinct and not a bunch of standard renders galore in essence. In addition, the Crash Cove one is nice as well in reference to the Skull Rock of Neo Cortex.
    • These come in a variety of sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.
    • The prices vary between each item
      • Crash Cove costs $16.89 USD/£12.99 GBP
      • Eat the Road costs $19.49 USD/£14.99 GBP
      • Powerslide costs $45.49 USD/£34.99 GBP
  • Accessories: Face Snapback Hat/CapRacing-inspired Snapback Hat/Cap
    • The hats/caps also feature the same new illustrations that give them a more authentic look, although they aren’t that subtle for sure.
    • The price for both hats/caps is $19.49 USD/£14.99 GBP
  • Figures and Collectibles: Incense BurnerFurry DiceTrophy Keyring/KeychainCrate Keyring/KeychainCommemorative Winners MedalToolbox Pin Badge Set
    • Now this is where the lineup starts to get unique, we got a kart incense burner, a furry dice like the one we’ve seen teasing its reveal back at The Game Awards 2018 and even a commemorative winner’s medal on top of it. The keyring/keychains look neat, especially the trophy itemulating the one seen in the game and also on stage at TGA.
    • The prices vary between each item
      • Incense Burner costs $51.99 USD/£39.99 GBP
      • Furry Dice cost $12.99 USD/£9.99 GBP
      • Crate and Trophy Keyrings/Keychains cost $12.99 USD/£9.99 GBP
      • Commemorative Winners Medal costs $19.49 USD/£14.99 GBP
      • Toolbox Pin Badge Set costs $32.49 USD/£24.99 GBP
  • Cups and Mugs: Trophy MugMetal Badge MugWumpa Fruit Crate Mug
    • The mugs also receive the same kind of treatment in terms of build and use of assets. Most of these mugs are usually better to have as a prop than to drink, if you choose to still use them to drink hot beverage, then all the power to you.
    • The prices vary between each item
      • Trophy and Wumpa Fruit Crate Mugs cost $19.49 USD/£14.99 GBP
      • Metal Badge Mug costs $16.89 USD/£12.99 GBP
  • Miscellaneous: Tire CoastersAir Freshener
    • The last set of items might not be as unique, but it doesn’t stop the tire coasters from being one looker of an item for those wanting to spice it up in the living room or well, the bedroom. These coasters have a tire look to them just like the tires you see in the karts for CTR, there’s a pack of four coasters in each set.
    • The prices vary between each item
      • Tire Coasters cost $12.99 USD/£9.99 GBP
      • Air Freshener costs $6.49 USD/£4.99 GBP

That’s all there is, for now, you can check it out via [this link] preorder through [Geekstore] and have a look at the gallery of all the merchandise from Numskull Designs below. 


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