COGMONKEY: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC Modding Livestream

00:11:15 – stream sort of starts
00:18:40 – running the game from extracted files
00:27:10 – playing as Ripper Roo
00:47:43 – playing as Dingodile
01:03:22 – playing as Skylanders Crash
01:24:34 – combining Cortex Power and N Sanity Beach (everything broke for a really long time after that)
02:22:10 – combining Turtle Woods and Road Crash
02:52:40 – replacing crates with baby Cortex and baby N Tropy in levels
03:06:33 – putting Tiny on a motorbike
03:25:36 – “oh my fucking jesus fucking holy shite”
03:35:00 – The Lost City underwater
03:51:37 – trying to ride the hog in Toxic Waste
05:19:40 – exploring the Bandicoot house and experimenting with open world levels I guess

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