[LINKED] Le Journal de Québec (French): “All Crash Nitro Kart tracks and arenas will be in the game, including characters and vehicles” (Beenox Interview)

In an interview with Pèse sur start , the co-director of the developer Beenox, Thomas Wilson, revealed that the remaster of Crash Team Racing will include all the tracks, characters and vehicles of another part of the series, Crash Nitro Kart , for a total of 31 circuits.

“All Crash Nitro Kart tracks and arenas will be in the game, including characters and vehicles. We improve the experience, “said the one who is also creative director for the Quebec studio.

The team at Beenox will take the opportunity to update the content of Crash Nitro Kart , including by infusing the mechanics of Crash Team Racing and offering circuits to environments redesigned, full of small details.

“We took all the tracks of Nitro Kart and we had fun! We have completely redone the themes of each track because we wanted something distinctive,” said Thomas Wilson.

He also said that Crash Nitro Kart’s different “combat” modes of play will also appear in Nitro-Fueled , in addition to the “original” content of Crash Team Racing .

Released in 2003 on several platforms, Crash Nitro Kart wanted to be a “new generation” successor to Crash Team Racing, but had not achieved the same success with critics.

The game had left some good memories for a part of the community, the co-director of Beenox said.

A trailer highlighting the integration of Crash Nitro Kart tracks and characters in Nitro-Fueled Crash Team Racing is expected to be released shortly by Activision, while other announcements about the remaster content will be made during next few months.

Recall that the publisher had also unveiled earlier this week a taste of the character of Nitros Oxide with an interesting video on social networks.


Regarding the characters bit: It’s confirmed. This interview was shared by Beenox on Facebook!


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