Pyramid International: New Crash Bandicoot Posters (Wumpa and 3D Mask), Red 1996 Mug, Rubber Keychains and Badge Pack revealed

It looks like there’s more merchandise on the way from Pyramid International, who revealed then subsequently released last year the first set of merchandise lineup for Crash Bandicoot with posters, mugs and more. These all use the standard fare of Crash Bandicoot renders and illustrations provided by Activision, which makes it not all that special except for the 3D Poster, which features Crash with and without the Aku Aku Mask.

The good news is that 3 out of the 6 new items are presumably already out since January 2019, they are the Mask Power Up 3D Lenticular Crash Bandicoot Poster, Red 1996 Emblem Crash Bandicoot Mug and the Wumpa Islands Crash Bandicoot Running Mounted Print Poster (30 x 40cm). On the other hand, these items will be available later this year, starting from March 15 with the Crash Bandicoot 5-Pack Pop Out Badges and on April 22 with the Crash Bandicoot Head Key Chain and Aku Aku Mask Rubber Key Chain.

That’s all there is, for now, you can check the whole brand page via [this link] and have a look at the gallery of all the merchandise from Pyramid International so far below.


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