Bullet Point Info Summary of the Thomas Wilson’s Q&A Interview(s) regarding Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

If you haven’t been following details in the Q&A Interview articles published at Activision Blog closely regarding Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, then here’s a nice summary article of everything that you need to know, split into two parts. Please note that the Q&As are also somewhat vague on some details that might get elaborated on officially later as we get closer to release, so there is some guessing added:

(Please let me know if there’s any errors, missing bits or clarification that needs to be added on social media, comments section below or via the contact page)

Crash Team Racing Fan, Nitro-Fueled Studio Co-Head Talks CTR Post-Reveal
  • Thomas’s a huge fan, played back when it released with his girlfriend and was quite excited when they started having discussions about remaking it.
  • The Fuzzy Dice tease up to The Game Awards and all that stuff was incredible and a great way to announce CTR
  • The reason to bring it back was for its 20th anniversary (same reason Crash Bandicoot came back with the N. Sane Trilogy, mind you), get more people to know about it and connect with all the fans together.
  • Huge emphasis on authenticity, track layout feels “familiar” and to ensure that people feel right at home when they play it with their own muscle memory of the driving controls.
  • Obviously, this is a remake, so more stuff is going to be embellished with the visuals, models, environments, characters, etc.
    • More expressive animations are being introduced to match the wacky humour and personality in the franchise.
  • The soundtrack is being “remastered“, aka being completely redone from scratch, they’re heavily using the original as a reference and adding “more depth” and layers with instruments.
    • No word on original OST or involvement from Josh Mancell (unless otherwise deconfirmed).
  • Online was added for obvious reasons and says that he doesn’t “see a racing game coming out today that doesn’t have online functionality“, it just had to be put into the game.
    • “Couch Co-op is great,” he says, so that still remains intact.
  • All the original modes from CTR are brought back, multiplayer modes can now be played online!
Thomas Wilson details five months out from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled’s release
  • The handling and drifting are unique in CTR (obviously), is a game of skill, emphasis on the drifting mechanic. Easy to get in but hard to master.
    • “In the original game, you can drift around corners — and on straight lines too — and get a boost, but it requires skill. You have to trigger it manually and time it right to get up to a three times boost, and you can maintain that boost for quite a long time when you become an experienced racer”
  • Adventure mode is being kept in with all of its unlockables and bosses to defeat, mentions personality and small touches that they’re putting.
  • Note that “new gameplay assets” in the 2nd question is referring to the recently released screenshots, thanks so much for pointing this out, Windy!
  • The remade soundtrack is aiming to “pay tribute to the original sounds“, it’s got the same layout and all that but with deeper layers of music, mentions some of the changes in Dragon Mines and Tiny Arena.
    • For Dragon Mines, Animation Director, Alexandre Lessard, played the harmonica and went to record the same melody with it. This is probably hinting that they’re using real instruments for the composition.
    • Senior Audio Designer, Nicolas Tremblay, made Tiny Arena “sound more like a rock song with a little bit of metal to emphasize that feeling you get in a monster truck arena”.
    • The main theme song that we’ve heard from the PlayStation 4 theme is perhaps an early iteration, hence it might be changed based if people give feedback.
  • Much in the same way as Vicarious Visions, Beenox is also using the original game as a point of reference and comparison to their remake by playing it extensively, they also analyze it and use their own engine with it.
    • No mention of what they’re using here but it’s referred as a “whole new engine”, probably comparing it to the original game.
    • Our Unreal Engine article trying to guess what engine the 2019 game (which is now CTR) was probably wrong here since this seems like a different engine judging by the shaders, lighting and use of colour spaces. This might still be up in the air till release day.
    • Again, the emphasis on the driving feel is important as they mention “the feel of accelerating, turning, drifting, jumping“.
    • Constantly testing and iterating to stay faithful to the original game.
  • For the concept art, they took screenshots of the original game and had their own artists paint over them to see how much detail they could squeeze out of them, they share them with the Environment team to identify what needs to be added to make it richer
  • They mention two designers “William Parent-Labonté and Christian Auger-Morin” who used to be testers at the company and are hardcore fans, they also mention Richard Harvey-Levert, a programmer at the company also being a hardcore fan.
  • They hope that us fans enjoy everything, see the passion and love that the studio put and “that every decision to make Nitro-Fueled a reality will be appreciated“.

That’s all for now, stay tuned on the official outlets and the blog for more details about Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled as they come about.

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