CRASH banji-kyuusu (クラッシュ万事休す) from Crash Bandicoot (Japan) featured at the Toyko Gametakt 2019 (Orchestra Music Festival Event)

Please note that this article contains interpretation of said event based on rough Google Translation, please notify if incorrect.

It was announced around 12PM JST January 4, 2019 (10PM EST January 3, 2019) that a Japan-exclusive song (which also has a music video) for the original Crash Bandicoot in 1996 will be featured as an Orchestral play at the Toyko Gametakt Festival Event for 2019. The Orchestral event will be played on Sunday, June 2, 2019, around the 2nd day for the Festival (Saturday, June 1, 2019).

The Orchestra commander will be Hiroyasu Matsumoto, with the performance bands being “GAMETAKT Symphonic Orchestra” and “Blitz Philharmonic Winds”. Finally, the theme for this Orchestra will be about “Action”. This event will feature other music from other games as well, such as Katamari, NiGHTS into dreams, Final Fantasy and so much more. Check out the source to learn more.

Thanks for the tip, Crash_FANjp!

Source: Tokyo GameTakt 2019

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