[POSTCARD] 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 from Crashy News!

And Happy Holidays to everyone around the world, hope you all have a great gathering or self-reflection around this time of the year! 🎄

One thought on “[POSTCARD] 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 from Crashy News!

  1. Motwera, I know I am not good with words, but I would like to offer you my sincerest thanks. I discovered this site after I stopped following certain “over-complaining types” for my crash news. With what I have witnessed this year, I am so happy this blog exists. It is wonderful to see the updates on fan creations, interviews, rumor speculation, and Crash News. I said “blog”, but for the most part, your investigations and news reporting displayed a tremendous amount of maturity, especially when compared to some biased news corporations out there. On this site, despite possibly differing viewpoints, it feels like you have a decent respect for the readers, and that can be rare to come by in an age where lies spread faster than wildfires. Take the title of “Crashy News Creator” and wear it proudly, for you built it up over time, and you made it a wonderful news hub for all things Marsupial. I look forward to see what is to come in the next year, and I hope you will be there to share the cool things you have found.
    Merry Crashmas
    (I hope that didn’t come off as awkward or rude)


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