[MEGAPOST/POLL] Do you think we will see Crash Team Racing 2019 at The Game Awards 2018 on Thursday?

Update 11Genelle Aimee has received the Crashmas cookies, which look tasty!

Update 10: Press Start’s Shannon Grixti just recently received them too. Even Fan Fest got the Fluffly Orange Dice as well, see their article on it.

Update 9: Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth’s Jeremy Dooley has them too!

Update 8: Several more people have also gotten the fluffy dice.

Update 7: CrystalFissure also got the Crashmas cookie, seen in his new video!

Update 6: Yogcast’s Martyn Littlewood also received fluffy dice, though no picture was attached.

Update 5: PlayStation Lifestyle’s Chandler Wood just posted the fluffy dice, things are heating up. They also note the same theory as IGN’s own in their own article:

When I got my own set of fuzzy orange dice, I noticed that one of them had missing dots. “Probably just a poor glue job,” I thought to myself, halfheartedly looking through the box for them before deciding to snap a quick picture, post it on Twitter, and get back to work. It wasn’t until I started noticing other outlets posting their own pictures of the dice that the missing dots caught my eye (Fun fact: These dots are called “pips.”).

In every picture I have found of them, the die with the missing dots seems to always just have the “6” side full, with everything else blank. The other die has the full pips on every side. This means that there are six pips on one die, and 21 dots on the other. 6/21. June 21. Okay, so that could just be a massive coincidence, right? Actually, it might not be.

Update 4: Forbe’s Mitch Wallace also received the fluffy dice.

Update 3: Bleeding Cool’s Gavin Sheehan received the fluffy dice as well.

Update 2: UnlistedLeaf also received the Crashmas Cookies.

Update: IGN’s Jonathon Dornbush just posted the fluffy dice, things are heating up. An interesting tidbit also from their own article:

One of the die only has a six on it, while the other has the standard one-six. Combined, it adds up to a six and a 21, perhaps hinting at a Friday, June 21 release date.

So, what a wild week so far. We’ve gotten a suspicious 4chan post earlier on Saturday, some notable personalities in Australia have just received Crashmas Cookies promoting N. Sane Trilogy (Post #1, Post #2) and now several outlets primarily in Europe (PlayStation Access, Inside PlayStation) are receiving a cryptic tease in the form of a postcard by “Anonymous” (Windows Central’s report notes that it was sent by “N. O., thinking it stands for Nitrous Oxide, noting that the address also seemingly coming from Activision, hence why they got asked not long ago) and fluffy dice cubes (perhaps harkening to this CNK commercial).

Although we can’t be sure of the codename considered for the game since details are scarce and Canadian Guy Eh thinks its “Project Screwdriver” from SAG-AFTRA (I think its more likely to be “Lotus”, given the nature of Activision’s naming scheme of projects and the Falcon codename for Spyro and other educated guesses).

Previously, we made a somewhat unsure prediction that Crash Bandicoot would appear at The Game Awards since PSX 2018 is a no-go (admittedly, we did say that Crash could appear at PSX 2018 before news of the event being cancelled), Activision’s cycle seems focused on 6 months ahead of release for reveals and marketing and the fact that Spyro has a somewhat different cycle than Crash, regardless of being a single entity. At the same time, its somewhat unsure since many have speculated that a spring announcement is more likely due to the nature of the policy that Activision uses, akin to Spyro’s March/April announcement and past Crash games.

Anywho, now that the picture’s getting clearer, let’s have a little poll. Do you think it will happen this upcoming Thursday or should we temper our expectations?


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